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Tips on Buying the Best Gas Grills for Your Entertainment Space

Here are four tips on purchasing the best gas grills for your entertainment space.


Everybody loves a barbecue! Whether you like to cook a few burgers for the family or invite a couple of your friends, a dependable gas grill is what you need when inviting guests over.

However, buying a gas grill is just like buying a new car. You have to get the feel of it to know if it’s suited for your needs. For instance, you wouldn’t want to buy a 6-ft grill when you’re living in a condo, right?

Here are four tips on purchasing the best gas grills for your entertainment space.

Tip # 1 Determine your budget

Before you go out there to buy your new gas grill, you should ask yourself how much you can spend. Doing so saves you a lot of time because it automatically narrows down your choices. Keep in mind that gas grills cost from $200 to more than $1000, depending on the accessories and the overall quality of the materials used.

If you’re a little tight on the budget, there are a lot of pre-owned grills on the market that are still in excellent condition. A more expensive gas grill doesn’t always guarantee good cooking performance. Even a low-priced grill can cook great meals.

Tip # 2 Determine your space and need for it

The next thing to consider is the space in your home where you will put the gas grill and the size of the whole gas grill. Some natural gas grills may include side burners and racks in their cooking area, making them broader and bulkier. So, when choosing a grill, it’s always good to check the size of the cooking area if it’s enough for the people you usually grill for.

Grills can be categorized into the following sizes:

● Small grills – can cook up to 15 burgers and has less than 300 sq in. of cooking space
● Medium grills – can cook up to 30 burgers and has around 425 sq in. of cooking space.
● Large grills – can cook 30 or more burgers and has a cooking space that’s at least 500 sq in.

It’s also good to think about the variety of foods you usually grill. If you’re someone who just likes to keep it simple with burgers and hotdogs, small grills can do the trick. But if you’re planning on grilling a lot of steaks, you may want to purchase a more sophisticated grill that can heat up to 600 °F degrees quickly.





Tip # 3 Determine if natural gas or propane

There is some debate on what type of gas is best suited for grills. Most grills on the market use propane because of its portability, but there are also grills that have dual-fuel valves that can convert your fuel based on your need.

Advantages of natural gas grills:

● Never runs out
● Saves you money in the long run
● Environmentally friendly
Disadvantages of natural gas grills:
● Professional help is needed during installation
● Grill is immobile

Advantages of propane gas grills:

● Portability
● Can reach higher temperatures as compared with natural gas
Disadvantages of propane gas grills:
● Fuel can run out
● Produces toxic emissions that are harmful to the environment

Choosing the right grill for you in terms of fuel type all boils down to preference. Both gas types can cook good food and will have no impact on the taste.

Tip # 4 Buy it when the summer season is over

If you like to save more money, then you should buy a grill in the leaner season. Gas grill prices usually peak during the summer season when everyone is in need of them. After the summer, you start finding huge discounts and awesome deals.

Additionally, don't be fooled by discounts offered before the summer season. Yes, there will be deals everywhere during this period, enticing people to buy one. But don’t fall for that trap. The best deals are always after summer. Remember the basic rule of economics: as demand goes up, the price increases.


No matter what type of grill you buy, be sure to clean them after each use and check your user’s manual for proper maintenance instructions. Gas grills can be an excellent centerpiece for any entertainment space, so be sure to find one that’s not just useful for you but also reflects your personality as a host.


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