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Watermelon drinks cooler

Although it doesn't feel like spring in many parts of the country today, this watermelon drinks cooler will definitely come in handy when the temperatures start to soar. It's also a fun way to dress up drinks for a special celebration or party.


Although shown here with a cocktail server tap, you can use an ordinary kitchen tap for the watermelon drinks cooler - see below. You will find a selection of taps at your local Builders Warehouse.

To make the watermelon drinks cooler slice a circular opening in the top of the watermelon using a sharp knife.

Be careful with your cutting, as you will be using the top again later on to keep the watermelon drinks cooler closed.

Use a spoon to scoop out in contents of the watermelon. Instead of throwing away, place the contents into a blender and smooth. Place into moulds and freeze to make watermelon ice pops for the kids.





Use a drill/driver and a spade bit that is the same diameter as the tap cyclinder you will be using for your watermelon drinks cooler. Drill a hole about 10cm up from the base.

Push the tap in place and secure on the inside with the mounting ring to secure.

Fill up with fruit juice, cocktails and plenty of crushed ice and serve!

Here's how to mount a normal outdoor-type tap onto your watermelon drinks cooler.


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