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New Year's Eve cookie surprise

Everyone will love these cookies on New Year's Eve. The sugar biscuits are iced with the face of a clock, and when you break them open they are filled with colourful confetti bits.



Follow these instructions for sugar cookies






1. Using a larger circle cookie cutter, cut out circles from rolled sugar dough. With a smaller cookie cutter, cut out the middle of a couple of the circles.

2. Bake according to sugar cookie directions.

3. Once completely cooled, ice the top cookie. I used a mixture of powdered sugar and a little bit of milk for the white icing.

4. To make the compartment to store the sprinkles, you will need to stack three cookies so the cookie with a hole in it is in the middle. Use the icing to connect the cookies.

5. You will need to let the icing completely harden before writing on the clock numbers. I let mine sit overnight before I attempted the writing.


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