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Cleaning and Maintaining a Gas Grill

If you are thinking of buying a gas grill for your outdoor entertainment area or patio, it's a great way to feed the family and friends.




The braai is the epitome of South African lifestyle and you would find it difficult to come across someone who doesn't have a braai of their own, even if it's only a small one. But one thing that is changing is that more people are looking to gas grills over charcoal braais, purely for the fact that they offer more vesatility when it comes to cooking outdoors.

Having the option to use either braai, over the past year and in light of load shedding, my family has moved over to using the gas grill, even if only to cook when the power goes off. I must admit, using a gas grill does offer convenience. There's no need to wait for the coals to reach the right temperature, it's not necessary to watch over the food you are cooking, and it's easy to cook a variety of foods without having to add or remove attachments.

But there is one area that does require more attention when using a gas grill, and that is some regular TLC and ongoing maintenance to keep the parts clean from grease and in working order.



Keeping a Gas Grill Clean

It's not a job that many like to do and more than a few people tend to skip the cleaning process and leave it until as late as possible. Built-up grease and burnt food aren't something that adds to the flavour of your food and can be responsible for flare-ups that will burn food.



The more you use your gas grill, the more it will require a good cleaning. If you use the grill all year round, you will know when it reaches the stage that it needs to be stripped apart and cleaned properly. This cleaning is essential to ensure burners and ventilation points don't become clogged, gas pipes and lines are clean and fault-free and the grill itself given a scrub down. All you need are some rubber gloves and a few cleaning supplies and products and you will find details in this article on Home-Dzine. 

If your gas grill spends its days outdoors, there may be a time when you notice rust starting to occur on burners or accessories. Don't let this become a serious problem, use the right products to remove rust immediately.




Starting up a Gas Grill

As with every gas appliance you use in the home, precautions must become something you do out of habit. Things like opening up the lid when you start up the grill so that you can be certain that the burners fire up properly. Or to ensure a fire doesn't start due to a build-up of fat or grease from lack of cleaning.

You should make it a habit to turn off the burners and switch off the gas supply when the grill is not in use. These are just a few of the precautions you need to take and you will find details on how to care for your gas grill in the instruction manual... read it!

All gas appliances should only be used in ventilated areas, even a gas grill. If it's raining outside, rather place a gas grill under an open carport or patio if you need to finish cooking. Under no circumstances use a gas grill indoors.