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Rainbow jelly party desserts and treats

Deciding what desserts and treats to have for a child's birthday party can be challenging, but there is one dessert that all kids enjoy...rainbow jelly!


From a young age both my kids loved jelly, and I'm sure that these colourful rainbow jelly desserts and treats will be a success for any party - young or old. If you are looking to spice up an adult party, add a dash of vodka to the mix!


For all the colourful, rainbow jelly desserts shown here you need one box of jelly mix for each colour. For a filling between layers you can use a variety of readily available ingredients:

Condensed milk

Vanilla yoghurt

Use unflavoured gelatin to thicken any dessert filling between jelly layers.

You can use different shapes as moulds for the rainbow jelly. Pour directly into serving cups, use spray 'n cook on a square mould or baking tin, or make a hole at the base of eggs (rinse clean) and use spray 'n cook to prevent the jelly from sticking to the shell.



Follow the pack instructions for making the jelly and use the quick set method for making jelly, by adding ice to the chilled water.

Let each layer set in the refrigerator before adding a layer of filling or a new layer of dissolved jelly mix.


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