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Host a rugby themed party

With the Rugby World Cup 2011 taking place in New Zealand, many avid Springbok supporters won’t have the luxury of travelling thousands of miles to personally support their favourite team.


However, they do have the option of supporting them in the comfort of their own home by inviting friends and family over for a Springbok party when South Africa plays their next game in the tournament. Here are a few fun suggestions to really get your guests into the spirit of things:

The food: Because of the time zone difference between South Africa and New Zealand, many of the games will be taking place between 5am and 10am. As such, it is suggested to serve either breakfast-type snacks or a brunch. A really easy and affordable way of feeding loads of guests is to serve breakfast burgers.

Buy some round burger rolls, braai some burgers and bacon, fry up a some eggs and sliced onions, slice up some tomatoes, cheese and chillies, fill a bowl with some lettuce leaves, and put out a selection of various sauces and seasoning. Guests can simply make their own burgers and choose their own toppings for a delicious meal.

The beverages: What would any rugby game be without some beer? However, if the games are being played too early for your first drink, why not serve up some champagne and orange juice instead?





Another fun addition, is to serve rounds of Springbok shooters – they are really easy to make – simply fill half a tot glass with peppermint liqueur, and then fill up the remaining half of the glass with Amarula liqueur by pouring it over the back of a spoon. Alternatively, Apple Sours will work just as well, and you can serve the kids some Cream Soda.

Dress the part: When you invite your friends and family over for this party, make sure that they know that it is mandatory to dress up like genuine Springbok supporters.

This means that they must at least wear a Sprinbok t-shirt, but a Springbok-themed scarf, hat, painted face, or even a green and gold wig would be even better!

Springbok décor: Of course, you will need to set the tone to get everybody in the mood.

This can be done by blowing up some green and yellow balloons and stringing them around the house. You can also string some green and yellow streamers for added effect, and of course – by placing some South African flags both inside and outside your home.

If you are setting a table, you can use the South African flag as a tablecloth, and set the table using various paper plates, cups and utensils with the Springbok logo on them (available from

Take a bet: A fun thing to do to make the viewing experience that much more exciting is to bet on the game. This is vey easy to organise - every guest has to guess the final score and put R10 into a kitty. When the game is over, you see whose guess was closest to the real score, and they win the entire kitty.

The final outcome: Once everybody has eaten their food and the game is over, finish the day off with a lovely cup of coffee or tea, and perhaps a few sweet treats. You can go wild here – you can make some Springbok-themed cupcakes or a cake.

Alternatively, you can buy a wide range of very cute gingerbread men that have been iced like Springbok players, or petit fours in the colours of our flag or emblazoned with edible Springbok logos – all from selected Fournos Bakeries.

Drive safely: And finally – remember that if alcohol is going to be consumed, please either select a designated driver who won’t be drinking beforehand or hire a taxi to drive you safely back home, or be prepared to sleep over at your host’s house. It is always better to arrive alive, even if it is the next day!


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