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How to make a cupcake bouquet

If you are looking for gift ideas for a BFF or close friend, making a cupcake bouquet is easy if you have a few basic baking and icing skills. Alternatively, you can buy ready made cupcakes and add your own icing to make a cupcake bouquet. Great idea as a party table centrepiece.


This personalised cupcake bouquet is a thoughtful, homemade and tasty gift that everyone will love. You can easily change the look to suit any ocassion by using a different vase, ribbon, icing colour or cupcake flavour.  


Buttercream icing
Icing bag and tip
Food colouring
Plastic  cups
Vase or pot
Styrofoam ball to fit
Tissue paper

Arrange the tissue paper in the bottom of the vase or pot. Push down into the middle so that the corners are sticking out at the edge of the vase. Cover the foam ball with a layer of tissue paper.

Cut a length of ribbon to fit around the pot, with enough to tie a pretty bow at the front of pot. Choose a ribbon that ties in with your colour or theme.

Staple the plastic cups to the top of the foam ball. This will ensure that the cupcakes do not move around once fitted in place.

Note: It works best to use an odd number of cups

Cut the end off your icing bag and insert the tip. Fill to half way with icing and then start piping in the centre of the cupcake. Keep the tip upright and pipe in a clockwise direction while applying even pressure and working your way outwards

Pop your iced cupcakes firmly into the plastic containers. Voila! You now have a  beautiful rose cupcake bouquet! You can use a vase with a smaller opening and adjust floral ball and number of cups to fit.





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