Make your own Cookie Cutters

Recycled aluminium cans are perfect for making your own cookie cutters and you can make cookie cutters in a variety of shapes and designs for custom cookies.






It can be frustrating when catering for a special event or party and not being able to find nice cookie cutters. During December I made a variety of Christmas cookies - and couldn't find any nice cookie cutters and ended up making my own shapes. Recycled aluminium cans are perfect for making your own cookie cutters.


You can make almost any shape of cookie cutter that you want. I didn't take any pics of the cookie cutters that I made, but made another one just to show you how easy it is!





Before you start you need to cut the base off your recycled aluminium can. The best way to do this is to use a Dremel MultiTool and cutting disk. If you don't have a Dremel MultiTool you can use a junior hacksaw.





With the base removed you can use tin snips or all-purpose scissors to cut a slit up the side of the can and also to remove the top rim of the aluminium can. Cut the removed section into strips about 4cm wide. DO wear gloves when doing the cutting, as the cut edges are sharp.





Once you have a nice straight strip of aluminium, use a Dremel MultiTool and grinding stone to dull the edge. Alternatively, use 60-grit sandpaper to dull the sharp edge.





Draw your design to scale on a piece of paper. You will use a pair or needle- or long-nose pliers to bend the aluminium strip into shape.





It's better to work from the top down and create a mirror effect for both sides. I started at the top by bending into shape for the bunny ears.





With a scrap block of wood to serve as a straight edge, bend the aluminium strip around this to start working on curves and corners. It was tricky the first time I made a cookie cutter, but I very quickly got the hang of bending and curving the aluminium strip into shape.





Here you can see how I used the block to indent the strip, before using my fingers to curve the aluminium into shape. The bunny head shape is almost complete.





To join the edges of the strip use epoxy glue, preferably one that cures quickly. I used Pattex extra strong clear epoxy adhesive. It took about 5 minutes to set hard. During that time I manually held the pieces together.

So, so easy and you can recycle all your aluminium cans to make as many shapes as you like. Cookie cutters for parties, special occasions and celebrations!