Recycle all those Cardboard Boxes

Christmas is done and dusted, so here are some projects to make use of all those left over cardboard boxes.


Ask any parent and they will agree that young kids love cardboard boxes just as much as gifts. With Christmas done and dusted, we've put together a selection of our favourite projects that allow you to recycle all those cardboard boxes left over from Christmas. - 184014334755479363/

Don't throw out all those cardboard boxes left over from Christmas. There are plenty of ways to put those cardboard boxes to good use - and it won't cost much. There are so many ways to recycle cardboard boxes into useful, practical and fun items for both kids and grown ups! - 140737557086347151/

We have put together a collection of our favourite projects using cardboard boxes, and there's bound to be at least one project that you will want to try for yourself. Just make sure to have plenty of packing tape and paint to transform cardboard boxes into a parking garage for a little box, a fun spacesuit, or even use big cardboard boxes for larger projects. - 317574211216873268/

Making a playhouse is a great way to put big cardboard boxes to good use, and you can decide whether you want to make a plain playhouse, or something a little more decorative. Some thicker cardboards are very durable and will last a fairly long time. - 401031541816472500/



There are quick and easy projects that you can make that will be fun for both young boys or girls. Appliance packing is great for making kitchen appliances for the helpful toddler that only wants to do what mommy does. - 450008187750182671/

With a few study cardboard boxes you can quite easily create an entire kitchen set up for your little one, and it will keep them occupied with hours of play. - 483996291187432849/ - 242842604883894987/

What little boy wouldn't love his own car, or space rocket, or even a train. It's doesn't require that much effort on your part to make a toy that will provide hours and hours of play - both indoors and outdoors. - 32088216073298575/ - 438115869991671919/

Little girls will love to have their own miniature dollhouses, while the little guys can play king of the castle. Think about what imaginative games your little ones like to play and use this as your inspiration to craft cardboard structures. - 542261611374278100/

And let's not forget about more grown up kids. They can use corrugated cardboard boxes to make their own storage units. These units can be just as strong as those made out of wood or board products - but can be made for very little cost, plus the kids will enjoy making their own. - ATG7IhNXKcK6S2Q2p5ra4863ueTsvlR33fUsxrTo-C6o2CiIOFDnvmA/

Another great use for cardboard boxes is to make storage boxes for existing shelves or cupboards. - 563301865865698441/

You can create storage containers to fit into a specific space and decorate these with paint, wrapping paper or decoupage. - 492370171751992116/



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