Make a pallet day bed for the garden

Who doesn't enjoy finding a shady spot in the garden to read a good book. This garden day bed is made up entirely from reclaimed timber pallets, joined together and topped off with a covered foam cushion

For this project you will need 3 timber pallets. Look for timber pallets that are in good condition. If you are going to keep the day bed outside, all fine and well, but if you plan to use indoors as well, check the timber for signs of wood borer and woodworm and, if found, give the timber a good spray with Doom. You can sand the piece with 120-grit sandpaper to remove any rough edges and the paint all the pieces with water-based gloss acrylic.

Attach the seat back to the base with flat hinges; place one hinge at either side and one in the centre.



Join the two base sections together with a hook and eyelet. To pack away simply fold the lid down onto the base and unclip the two base sections for easy storage, which makes this pallet day bed ideal for a small balcony.

A length of chain and two hooks, one screwed into the top of the seat back and the other into the base, allow you to adjust the angle of the seat back.