All our Favourite Recycling or Upcycling Projects

Recycling - or upcycling - is all about repurposing items in new ways rather than throwing them out, so we compiled a list of all our favourite projects.


The buzz for recycling and upcycling projects seems to have diminished in the past year, despite the fact that recycling is not just a trend - it's a way of life that we need to adjust to. A lot of fun can be had by the entire family getting in involved with recycling or upcycling crafts and projects.







While we have our favourite recycling and upcycling projects on Home-Dzine, there are far too many to list in this feature, but you can always pop onto our Recycling Crafts section to see many more projects and ideas.



Plastic Cool Drink Bottles = Cupcake and Party Favour Containers


Over the past couple of years,  I must have made almost a hundred of these party favour and cupcake containers. They are just too pretty and adorable that I can't resist packing goodies in them for gifts to give to family and friends. And what better way to recycle all your old plastic cold drink bottles.








Plastic Tubs & Tins = Practical & Decorative Storage Containers


One of my all-time favourite recycling projects is using plastic (margarine) tubs and turning them into practical storage containers - with a twist. Using found items in drawers and cupboards, you can decorate the tops of the tubs to show what is stored inside.









Everyone needs a place to store all those 'bits and bobs' that don't have a home. There's most definitely not better way to store them and keep them all in one place than in a tin decorated with? ... you guessed it - bits and bobs.



Aluminium Cans & Tins = Decorative Accessories


Who would have thought that aluminium can could be turned into such wonderful, decorative accessories? You can use aluminium cans as an inexpensive alternative to pewter and it can look just as good. You can even use aluminium cans to make everlasting flowers, as shown below, and it's not very hard to do either.



You may even want to take recycling aluminium cans to the next level and create your own unique artwork, as done by Jill Helms. Jill creates wonderfully detailed works of art using aluminium cans printed with brand designs. Working from a small room just off her garage, Jill continues to amaze with her stunning artworks.



Assorted Plastic Containers = Bird Feeders and Plant Holders


Most homes with a swimming pool use HTH or chlorine pool floaters, in fact, most swimming pool owners use one of these a month. That's a lot of plastic being thrown out. I was looking for ways to use these and came up with the idea of making hanging plant holders, but I'm sure there are many other ways to use these containers.



Plastic cold drink bottles are perfect for making a variety of bird feeders to feed our wild birds during the winter months. Any colour, any size, it's so easy to make a bird feeder and recycle plastic at the same time. If there are any enterprising youngsters out there - this is a great way to earn a bit of extra pocket money. Make bird feeders to sell to your neighbours, family and friends.









Another easy project using plastic bottles is to make self-watering plant pots or plant holders. This recycling project uses the entire bottle to make the plant holders, and you can make different sized pots for all your plants. They are a great solution if you like to grow seedlings or take cuttings of plants, as it is easy to know that they have enough water all the time.



Old Tyres = Tables & Chairs


Should you need to replace a tyre for any reason, you can hand over the tyre to be recycled, or you can use it to make seating and tables for outdoors. I'm not a huge fan of keeping tyres indoors, as they tend to smell. Old tyres are better for indoor tables or seating, as they have had time to off-gas over a longer period of time and most of the smell will be gone.



Using old tyres for seating, either indoors or outdoors, is a perfect way to give old tyres a new life. They can be turned into occasional seating for around a fire pit, or as tables for a patio or deck. And they are guaranteed to last a lifetime (and more). If you need seating or tables for a kiddies playroom or den, make an assorted selection of colourful pieces that can be stacked out of the way when not needed.







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