Box shelves from recycled crates

If you buy your veggies in bulk, chances are you get to take home a wood crate now and then. Here's a wonderful way to put those crates to good use... as box shelves for a wall display.


All you need for this project are some wood crates, colourful patterned wallpaper or wrapping paper and a few tools.



1. Lightly sand the crates with 180-grit sandpaper to remove any splinters or roughness.

2. Apply two coats of Plascon Sure Coat acrylic or Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in your choice of colour. Allow each coat to dry properly before applying the next coat.

3. Cut a piece of wallpaper or wrapping paper to fit neatly into the back. You can cut this out with scissors or a craft knife and cutting mat.

4. Spray the back of the box and back of the paper with Bostik or Alcolin sprayable adhesive. Leave for 5 minutes before carefully placing the paper in the box. Work from one side and gently press flat, removing any air pockets as you stick down.

5. Fasten the shelves onto the wall by adding picture hangers to the back of the box shelves.