How To Make Decorative Wooden Fence Caps

Finishing off fence posts with wooden fence caps gives any fence a more upmarket and classic look and it is an easy and affordable DIY project you can do.


Outdoor Living is Bright and Easy with Plascon

Introducing colour into your spaces is both easy and inspirational is Plascon’s Colour Combination for 2024, a selection of aquatic hues that bring a sense of calm and optimism.


DIY Tips for Festive Holiday Lights

Here are some DIY tips from the experts at Trades By Jack to ensure your holiday lights shine brightly and safely.


DIY Concrete Planter Box

With little to choose from in stores, this project shows how to make a stunning concrete flower box or container for the garden, patio or deck.


Build a Concrete Paver Patio on Your Own

It is easy to make mistakes when pouring concrete for a single slab but with this concrete paver patio, you can get excellent results, a long-life patio and a mistake-free installation.

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How to Use Sand as a Mould for Concrete Projects

There are some projects where you simply cannot make a mould for concrete projects, particularly when they have an irregular shape or consist of a circle or curves and this is where using sand makes a huge difference.

Outdoor Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

There are some common mistakes you'll want to avoid to create your perfect atmosphere and get the maximum impact from your exterior lamps and fixtures.

What to do About a Lawn That is Patchy and Brown

If your lawn or grassed area is patchy and brown and not looking too healthy, perhaps it is time to consider re-doing the area with instant lawn.

Do-It-Yourself Courtyard Garden Makeover

With a little outlay, you can transform a boring walled courtyard into a private garden retreat.

You Need Shade in the Garden

It isn't even spring yet and temperatures are already heating up which could be a sign of heat during summer and why you should look at designing your garden for more shade.

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What to Do If a Garden Becomes Overgrown

It doesn't take too much time for a garden to become out of control and the longer you leave it the works it becomes, so what do you do if a garden becomes overgrown?

Make Custom Solar Lights for a Garden

The selection is pretty limited in choice for outdoor solar lights but you can easily make your own custom solar lights for a garden with these instructions.

How To Build An Outdoor Bar - Even For A Small Garden

South Africans have an affinity for spending their free time outdoors and building an outdoor bar is just one of the ways to enjoy your garden even more.

DIY Table / Shelf Unit for a Balcony, Stoep, or Patio

A wood pallet, plywood and a few extras and you can make a mobile table / shelf unit that is ideal for a balcony, on a stoep, or a patio.

Boosting Your Home's Value With A Garden Room: 5 Tips And Tricks

In this article, get ready to explore the clever tips and tricks to maximize the value of your property with a garden room.

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A DIY Ladder that offers a Place for Plants and Ambient Lighting

This beautiful DIY ladder is inexpensive to make and can be used to display plants on a balcony, in a dreary courtyard, or on a small deck or patio.

DIY Outdoor Farmhouse Dining Table With Benches

Build an outdoor farmhouse-style dining table complete with benches using PAR pine you can buy at any Builders store.

Keep a Property Safe During Load Shedding with Solar Floodlights

Crime is rampant during load shedding and solar-powered floodlights offer a level of protection when the power goes out.


Ideas for a Covered Patio or Entertainment Area

Autumn and winter are the best times of the year to plan for home improvement projects and particularly outdoor projects such as building a covered patio or entertainment area.

How to Open a Stuck or Rusty Padlock

When you have a stuck or rusty padlock you need a quick solution to solve the problem and prevent it from happening in the future.

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How to Keep Gutters Clean - The Easy Way

Not all home maintenance projects are easy and if there are ways to make the job less work, installing gutter mesh or a gutter guard simplifies having to keep gutters clean all year.

Build The Ultimate Raised Garden Bed

Forget about back-breaking gardening when you build this raised garden bed and fill it with your favourite veggies.

Build a Sofa With Built-In Storage Under the Seat

This indoor or outdoor sofa has built-in storage in the arms, back and under the seat and you can make it yourself in a weekend or two.

10 Garden Tips that will Enhance your Property's Aesthetic Appeal

Read through this article to learn some gardening tips that will help you create a catchy garden to make your property classy.

How to Have a Kink-Free Garden Hose Pipe

I don't know about you but I am tired of having to unravel my hose pipe to get rid of kinks and bends that stop water flowing, so here's how to have a kink-free hose pipe.

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Room With A View - A Garden Outside the Window

If the view outside a window isn't what you would like to see, why not add a small decorative garden?

Update on Wooden Fence to Raise Height of Garden Wall

It has been 4 years since I posted the article on using pine to make a garden fence to increase the height of my perimeter wall, and I want to share with you how it looks.

A Garden That is Ready for Outdoor Entertaining

With the holidays not far away, make sure that your garden is ready for outdoor entertaining or hosting festive celebrations with these affordable tips that you still have time to do.

Buy or DIY this Wooden Succulent Box

Here is a wonderful gift that you can buy or make to give to a loved one or friend this festive season.

Weekend Project: Easy DIY Cabana with Seating

If you have some spare time over the weekend, pop into your nearest Builders store to grab supplies to make this easy DIY cabana and seating for your garden.

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Build Bird Boxes for your Garden

I never used to think about attracting birds to my garden, but over the years, I have established a friendship with the many different species of birds that nest in the garden and bathe in the bird bath.


Make a Net Frame to Protect Fruit Trees

When fruit trees start to bloom the birds can't wait to attack the fruit and this net frame will protect the fruit from harm and from fruit thieves!


DIY Fun Games for Kids This Spring

Here are some spring games that you can make with your tools and some scrap wood and the kids will have fun playing.


How to Reduce Noise Levels in a Garden

Noise pollution can be annoying when all you want to do is relax in your garden but there are ways to cut down on the level of noise.


The Considerate Gardener Keeps His or Her Neighbours in Mind

In these times of townhouse and cluster developments, we are all living close to one another, and it is important to be considerate of your neighbours when it comes to maintaining your personal garden.

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2 Weeks to Achieve a Beautiful New Garden

You wouldn't think it would be possible to establish a garden in two weeks, but if you start the planning now, you can have a beautiful garden by spring.



Tips to Get the Most Use out of a Balcony or Terrace

If you have a balcony or terrace that you are not using, here are a few tips on how to get the most use out of it.

Convert a Garden Shed or Hut into a Play Space

If you have an existing garden shed or hut that is serving as storage for junk, clean it out and convert it into a safe play space for children.

Design a Garden around a Simple Pergola

In a garden that is lacking in any interest, adding a pergola with a simple design will let you design both a garden and your entertainment around this.

Adding a DIY Fire pit to your Garden

Building a DIY fire pit in the garden adds a finishing touch to round-off your entertainment area and you can entertain throughout the year.

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Make Gardening Easier with Lawn or Flower Bed Edging

When it is a constant struggle to find free time to relax, being able to cut down on mundane tasks, particularly if you don't enjoy gardening, is one way to give yourself more time off.

Affordable Ideas for a Pergola in the Garden

If you don't already have a pergola or shade structure in the garden, here are a few ideas to inspire you to pop into Builders and buy all you need to make one.

Ideas to Disguise an Ugly Fence or Precast Wall

Fences or precast concrete walls don't always look pretty and there are plenty of ways to disguise both to complement your outdoor space.

DIY Projects you can do For the Garden

With some basic power tools and a little imagination, there are plenty of DIY projects you can do for the garden.

Make a Planter Pot Coffee Table or Side Table

Inexpensive plastic planters or pots are a great solution if you are looking for a coffee table or side table that is different and complements your home decor.

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Tame your Bushes with Rolux

Rolux CEO Stuart Williams shares how getting your garden back into shape can help your mental, and physical, health too.

How to Establish a Colourful Rockery in the Garden

Adding a rockery to a garden brings added interest to an otherwise plain garden and you can select colourful plants, particularly indigenous varieties, that will create a feature or focal point that requires minimal maintenance.

Refresh Patio Furniture with New Cushions and Covers

With constant use, cushions both fitted and loose lose their bounce and become flat and hard, but it's good to know that you can refresh patio furniture with new cushions and covers.

Lay a Decorative Brick Seating Area for your Garden

If you don't have a dedicated place to sit in the garden, this DIY decorative brick seating area is affordable and can be completed in a day.

5 Ways to get your Kids Unplugged and Outside

Tracy Williams, successful entrepreneur, Head of Sales and Operations at Rolux and mom of twins, has some ideas on getting your kids to ditch their screens this December and dirty their hands in the garden instead.

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Kit Out Your Garden Shed as a DIY Workshop

If you haven't got any space in the home to set up a DIY workshop but have a shed in the garden, here's how you can kit it out to serve as a DIY workshop.

4 Simple Tricks For Better Shed Ventilation

Shed ventilation is essential all year long, especially during the winter season as it provides proper airflow and prevents fume and mildew build-up from chemicals that you might store in your shed.

Quick Craft: How To Make a Wind Chime

The soothing sounds of a wind chime bring a sense of tranquillity to outdoor spaces and this wind chime is easy to make with a few supplies that you can buy at any Builders store.

Craft Sculptural Flower Pots with Cement

An affordable way to create sculptural elements for your garden, deck or patio is to use cement and an old towel.

Make a Pine Garden Bench

This pine garden bench offers the perfect seating for on a deck or patio, or even when placed under a shady spot in the garden.

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Build Your Own Wood-Fired Stove Top, Pizza Oven and Braai

We show you how to build your own wood-fire stove top, pizza oven and braai using affordable and recycled materials.


How to Clean Hibachi, Braai Grill or Gas Grill

Summer is on the way and it's time to uncover or dig the hibachi, braai or gas grill out of storage to give it a thorough cleaning.


How To Make A Macramé Hanging Hammock Chair

Hanging basket chairs are popular for good reason - they are comfortable and relaxing and it is so easy to make a macramé hanging hammock chair... Here's how:

We Found Some Cool, Easy DIY Hanging Daybeds

Don't wait for summer to give your outdoor space a makeover, now is the best time to grab your power tools and make something for the garden, like one of this cool DIY swinging daybed.

A Table For The Garden Or Patio

Use meranti, saligna or PAR pine to make this table for your garden or patio.

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Make A Colourful Planter Base For Garden Umbrella

If you are looking for ways to bring more plants onto the patio or deck, this colourful base for your garden umbrella is perfect.

Make a Mini Picnic Table and Stools

This mini picnic set is just right for kids and if you make it now it will be ready for use in the garden when summer arrives.

All The Tools You Need For Winter Garden Maintenance

There are plenty of tasks to do in the garden during winter and we put WORX tools to WORK for our gardening jobs that need to be done now.

How To Make Cement Plant Pots

Here's a fun and inexpensive way to make custom cement plant pots with almost any decorative design.


Drain Water Or Direct Flow Of Water On Your Property

If your garden becomes flooded after rains or rainwater affects your property foundations, perhaps it's time to install a French Drain, a dry riverbed or a drainage gutter to direct rainwater away.

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How To Make A Comfortable Patio Swing

Relaxing in the garden is easy with this comfortable patio swing that you can make over a weekend.

Use Reclaimed Pallets To Make Seating For Outdoors

Make a garden bench this fits around a tree in a garden or courtyard using reclaimed fencing or reclaimed pallets.

Make Pretty Basket Planters

Add a bit of texture and interest to a display of plants with these pretty woven baskets that you can make in an hour.

Build A Portable Deck For Rental Property

Living in a rental property means you are limited by what the landlord will allow you to do, but this portable deck is freestanding and can be assembled easily and removed when you need to move.

How To Light Up The Garden With Solar Lights

I have been trying out different brands of solar lights in the garden to see which worked best and lasted the longest and have finally settled on the best one.

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Quick Project: Balcony Shelves

Having a balcony, no matter how small, gives you a place to sit outdoors for an evening of relaxation and these DIY balcony shelves can be used for snacks, drinks or plants.

Make Gardening Easy With 100% Portability And Power

Having to plug-in all your garden tools, or untangling extensions leads is a thing of the past with battery-operated garden tools from WORX.

Concrete Crafts to Keep You Busy

If you are going to have some spare time on your hands during the holidays, here are some concrete crafts to keep you busy.

Which Leaf Blower is the Best to Buy - With or Without Vacuum?

Now that I have a beautiful green lawn in the garden, I do my best to keep it free of leaves and debris and was interested to find out which leaf blower to buy and should it have a vacuum or not.

A DIY Window Frame Garden Feature

This simple DIY feature for the garden lets you display a variety of succulents either on a feature wall outside the house or on a porch or deck wall.

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This Year, Make The Most Of Having A Holiday At Home

Many of us are still hesitant to go out in public amongst the crowds, so if you have decided to stay home for the holidays, we show you how to have a great holiday at home.

How To DIY Your Brick Paving With Concrete Moulds

Now you can buy moulds to make your own concrete brick paving - without bricks!

Tips on How To Build a Garden Shed

If your garage is chock full of stuff and you want to set up a place for gardening tools, as a garden shed, or perhaps even a place to work or craft, we offer some tips on building a garden shed from the ground up.

How to Add a Bar to your Outdoor Area

When you love to entertain outdoors in the garden, adding a bar is one way to liven up the atmosphere.

DIY Pine Sun Lounger for the Poolside

Everybody needs a place to sit and relax on weekends and this DIY pool sun lounger is good-looking enough for any poolside and easy to make over a weekend.

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Decorative Outdoor Screen for a Garden

An outdoor screen not only adds privacy to your garden or entertainment area - they are also great for adding a decorative element.

Don't Throw out your HTH or Paint Buckets

If you regularly buy an HTH bucket or have some paint buckets leftover, check underneath to ensure they have a recycle #5 stamped on the base and you can use these to store or grow plants.

Make A DIY Wooden Picnic Table For Summer Dining

The hotter months of the year make it perfect to dine outdoors and this wooden picnic table will seat an entire family.

Benefits of Having a Garden Storage Shed

There can be many benefits associated with investing in a garden storage shed.

Build a Climbing Wall for the Kids

Schools in - schools out - who knows! One thing for sure is that this climbing wall will keep the kids occupied for hours.

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Recycle Household Plastic Waste For Use In The Garden

There are many ways to recycle plastic household waste, particularly for practical uses in the garden. Check out these great recycling ideas.

Raise The Height Of A Brick Or Precast Concrete Wall

Now that painting the exterior of the house is done, it's time to increase the height of my front wall using the fence panel method.

Bring The Outdoors Indoors With This Terrarium Coffee Table

When you live in a townhouse, apartment or flat without a garden, you can bring the outdoors indoors with this terrarium coffee table - a mini garden in your home!

Make This Patio Umbrella Stand And Table

Use plywood and pine, or replace with meranti or saligna, to make this practical patio table and umbrella stand.

4 Smart Ways to Dress Up an Entrance

These smart and savvy ideas are just perfect for dressing up the entrance to a home, plus they are easy handmade projects with a personal touch.

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Recycled Tyre and Materials for Unique Outdoor Seating

Who knew you could turn old tyres and materials into unique outdoor seating.


Make a Custom Wooden Planter for Patio or Garden

This DIY wooden planter can be made in any size to add to your patio, deck or outdoor area, plus you can use your choice of material.


6 Inexpensive Ways to Insulate Your Workshop Shed

Outdoor sheds make great workspaces, but proper insulation is necessary to keep a shed workspace warm in winter and cool in summer.


How to Build a Strong, Sturdy Deck

Building a freestanding deck is a reasonably simple project that can be done in a weekend, plus you can make it any size you like and place it where you want it.


Low Cost, Easy Slat Bench with Stylish Design

Using untreated pine lets you make an affordable slat bench that has a stylish design and is very easy to assemble.

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Make a Modern Outdoor Patio Set

Garden furniture doesn't come cheap these days, in fact, you can expect to pay thousands for a decent patio set, which is why it makes a lot of sense to make your own outdoor sofa or patio set.


Build a Portable Table for Outdoor Braai or Picnic

This portable picnic or braai table lets your prepare all your meals without missing any comforts you have at home, plus it's also a great addition to your outdoor entertainment area if you don't have an outdoor kitchen.


A Handy Shed for your Dustbins

Dustbins can be an eyesore but this handy shed made using PAR pine is a great way to store one or two dustbins out of sight.

Make a Window Planter Box for the home

Even though it's winter right now, you can get started on making one or two of these window planter boxes to fill up with colourful flowers when spring arrives.

DIY 1-Piece Picnic Table and Benches

Many find ourselves with a bit more time on our hands, so why not make something like this 1-piece picnic table and benches - perfect for dining outdoors in the garden.

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How to Make a Curved Planter

Add something interesting to an outdoor garden or courtyard with this curved planter finished with a plain white laminate.

Recycle Aluminium Cans and Lids into Wind Spinner

Aluminium cans are something used every day in most households, so it's nice to find a way to recycle these at home rather than toss them into the dustbin. Why not make a wind spinner using cans and lids?

Tips for Buying and Using a Power Washer

A power washer lets you harness the cleaner power of water and water pressure for a wide range of activities, both in the home and out and about.

Recycling Projects for the Kids

With a week to go of lockdown, and who knows how much longer until the kids go back to school, here's a selection of clever recycling projects the kids can do with plastic bottles.

DIY Deck or Garden Chair with Pallet Wood

If you have spent the time in lockdown catching up on jobs around the home, here's your chance to relax in a deck chair made using pallet wood.

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Take this time to Give your Deck a Makeover

With all this extra time on your hands, you will be looking for projects to fill up the day, and getting stuck into maintaining your deck is a great place to start.

Make this DIY Drinks Table for the garden

Whether you are relaxing in the garden or setting up for a picnic in the park, this DIY drinks table is just the thing to hold your drinks and glasses or even your snacks.

DIY Tip: Sharpen all your Gardening Tools at Home

Oh, the joy of owning a Dremel Multitool and being able to sharpen all my own gardening tools - at home, as and when they need to be sharpened.

Why Push Mowers are Better for your Lawn

Over the last couple of years, there has been a resurgence in popularity for push mowers due to their affordability and ability to have a neat and well looked after lawn.

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Quick Project: Easy DIY Modular Planters

Make this quick and easy modular plant stand for your home or patio and create an instant feature with houseplants.

DIY Portable Camping Chair

This portable camping chair is a great DIY project if you enjoy camping out  or for when you need extra seating in the garden - and you can make 4 chairs from a single sheet of shutterply or pine plywood.

Quick Tip: Keep Outdoor Cushions Dry

A sudden shower or an unexpected downpour, I discovered an easy way to protect outdoor cushions and keep them dry.

Build a Retaining Wall in Sloped Garden

Retaining walls are great problem-solvers for a sloped garden, preventing erosion and stopping excess water flow.

How to Turn any Vase into a Decorative Planter

I have been trying to find decorative plant pots for some time and just haven't had any luck, so after finding a pretty ceramic vase that I like, I turned this into a planter for your houseplants.

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How to get rid of tree stumps

Removing tree stumps is one thing that we all want to do to ensure that our compound and farm land looks good and well taken care of.

Paint Concrete, Fibre or Terracotta pots

With some creativity and paint you can turn plain concrete, fibre or terracotta pots into a dramatic feature or focal point.

Comfortable place to sit

Spend the days outdoors with this quick and easy DIY garden bench that you can finish with a splash of colour.

Drill out tree stump for planter

This past weekend I got stuck into carving out a tree stump to plant up a small succulent garden.

Cool Ideas for Patio Furniture

Tired of hum-drum neutrals? Grab a can or two of spray paint and some fabric and try these cool ideas for a colourful summer!

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How to increase height of garden wall - Affordable option

Not wanting to spend a fortune and needing to increase the height of the garden wall, I designed some wooden fence panels that work like a dream.


A DIY Day Bed that Adds a Touch of Green

If you love to relax in the garden but don't have a comfortable place to lounge, this DIY day bed is just the thing.


Make your own affordable patio furniture

Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 for an inexpensive way to make your own garden chairs and table.


Must-Do Tasks for a Good Looking Lawn

While you might have given a little attention to your lawn, here are some essential lawn tips you need to do right now.


Host a picnic in the garden

The Spring weather is beautiful at the moment, and what better way to celebrate Spring than with a picnic in the garden!

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QA High-Pressure Cleaner Saves You Time

When you have so little time for relaxing at home, using a high-pressure cleaning saves you lots of time on cleaning jobs.


Quick Project: Keep the kids occupied with a game of Tic-Tac-Toe

This game of Tic-Tac-Toe is a simple project to set up outdoors in the garden and will keep the kids occupied for hours.

Make a Hanging Garden Chair for outdoors

I have always wanted a hammock for the garden but just don't have the space, but this hanging hammock garden chair is super-easy to make and takes up far less space.

How to Clean and Sharpen your Garden Tools

Your garden will soon start requiring regular attention, so make sure your garden tools are sharp and up to the task.

Quick Project: Make a Hanging Garden Seat for outdoors

Need a place to sit in the garden? This hanging seat is easy to make and can be hung from a large tree branch or a solid beam on your patio roof.

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Give outdoor furniture some TLC!

If you haven't given your outdoor furniture some TLC recently, it's probably looking a bit faded and worn, so grab your supplies and give outdoor furniture some tender loving care.

Quick Project: Build a Privacy Fence

If you have overlooking neighbours, this quick and easy fence will give you the privacy you need.

Top Tools for Maintaining Your Garden

The right gardening tools make it easier for maintaining gardens and keep it more attractive.

Quick makeovers for a Spring outdoors

Before spring there are a few tasks that can be done to increase the overall appearance and health of your outdoor area.


Quick Project: Easy pebble stepping stones

Make some plain concrete or ready-made stepping stones and transform them with pebbles.

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Make a concrete cooler box

Make a rock solid cooler box to keep your refreshments cool during summer and that looks great on the patio.


DIY Unique Garden Bench

This quirky wood peg bench is definitely a unique feature for a garden, plus it's a great way to set up a spot where you can sit and relax.


Lay a wooden path

When designing or laying out a garden, you want to incorporate as many interesting features as possible. This wood garden path is simple enough to make and definitely adds an interesting element.


Make a wind spinner

Making your own wood spinner is an easy project and they look great when left outdoors to spin in the breeze.


Prepare your garden now for heavy rains

Torrential rains and flooding seem to be the norm these days for many areas around the country, so make sure that you garden can cope by installing a French drain.

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Decorative Signs for a Veggie or Herb Garden

These decorative signs are ideal for a veggie or herb garden and will make sure you don't forget what is planted and where.


DIY Garden Chairs with PAR pine

After making this garden chair a couple of years back, I received a lot of enquiries as to a more economical method to make these garden chairs.


The perfect garden for Summer Entertaining

Now is the perfect time to tackle all those outdoor DIY projects to create the perfect outdoor space for summer entertaining.


Make Adirondack Garden Chairs

Adirondack garden chairs are the most comfortable chairs and we show you how easy it is to make a using a Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig.

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Quick Project: Build a Fire Pit in under an hour

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to heat up the patio at night, check out this fire pit that you can easily make in under an hour.

Great Ideas using Leftover Bricks

Got some leftover bricks from a project and not sure what to do with them? Take a look at some great ideas for using leftover bricks.


Laundry Basket becomes a Strawberry Planter

Don't toss out that old laundry basket when you can use it to grow your own strawberries at home in the garden.


Create a private haven outdoors

We all love spending time outdoors but it isn't fun when you have nosey neighbours peering over the fence.


Build Custom Sofa for Outdoor Entertaining

This gorgeous custom outdoor sofa is definitely going on my 'To Do' list as a future project for my outdoor entertaining area.

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Make this unique Bird Feeder

Made using PAR pine, this unique bird feeder is a simple project that looks stunning when hung up in the garden.


DIY Planter and Trellis for Creeper

After making an easy trellis for his garden, I got my son to make a trellis and planter box for my front entrance - to disguise pipes installed for my new laundry.


Custom Cover for Outdoor Sofa

You may recall a few years back I made my own outdoor sofa, and now I've made a custom cover to protect the sofa and cushions when left outdoors.


Add a Colourful Window Box

If you have a small garden or only a balcony, adding a window box is an easy way to add colourful plants to add a splash of interest to your home and your outdoor space.


Make a DIY Modern Garden Chair

This modern garden chair is made using 67 x 67mm PAR pine, which makes it affordable and easy.

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Get your outdoors ready for the holidays

This outdoor space receives a transformation with paving paint and a few accessories.


DIY Garden Bench for patio or entertainment area

Make this rustic 3-seater bench for seating on a patio or entertainment area.


Build a brick firepit

With climate changing affecting our weather, and the spring evenings being very chilly, now is the perfect time to consider adding a brick firepit to your outdoor area.


Make your own inexpensive trellis

After seeing the prices for ready-made trellis, my son decided to make his own garden trellis using Meranti cover strips.


Portable Braai In A Bucket

This portable bucket braai is just the thing if you don't have a braai - cook your meat, chicken and fish on a separate braai.

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Make a decorative step-shelf

Create a colourful display on a patio or deck, or add curb appeal to your front entrance.


Handy braai table made with pallets

If you need a braai table, here's a nifty way to repurpose old pallets into a practical braai table.


Make a portable firepit

Add the perfect accessory to your outdoor entertaining area with this portable firepit - you can make on a budget with a little help from Builders Warehouse.


Magical garden hanging lights

Make these magical hanging lights to hang in the garden or over a patio dining table.


Make a farmhouse table - any size

In this project we show you how to make a farmhouse table - for indoors or outdoors - that can be modified to seat as many people as required.

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Make an indoor hanging planter

Bring your garden indoors with this easy hanging planter. Easily modified to fit any size of plant pot, your plants will float in front of a sunny window for an interesting indoor display.


Crafty ideas for flower pots

Give your flower pots and plant containers a new look for spring with these crafty decorating ideas.


Easy Outdoor Seating Bench

This seating bench is easy to make and should take around an hour to knock up. It's perfect for the patio or in the garden.


Paint rusty metal garden furniture

Here's an easy way to use Rust-Oleum Stops Rust to instantly transform rusty metal garden furniture.


Stylish wood planter for home or patio

This easy wood planter can be made using PAR pine bought at your local Builders Warehouse, or Meranti or other hardwood sourced from a timber merchant

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Make a stylish bar for your patio

This stylish bar is perfect for the patio or entertainment area, and you can make it using PAR pine, choice of hardwood or reclaimed pallet wood.


Build a sandpit for your kids

With summer not that far away, here's a sandpit that you can easily build for the kids that will provide them with fun activities.


Make flower containers with tree stumps

It's tree felling season, and we show you how to use tree stumps to make attractive organic flower containers for your garden or patio, or even for indoors.


Quick Project: Easy garden fence

This garden fence made from reclaimed pallets can be curved around a flower bed or laid in almost any shape for instant appeal.


Sheds you can 'almost' live in

That empty space at the bottom of the garden would be the perfect place - for the perfect shed.

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Concrete bench with pebble inlay

Concrete garden furniture is almost indestructible, and this concrete garden bench has a decorative pebble inlay in the seat.


Make a retractable patio canopy

This retractable patio canopy is fairly easy to make and materials and equipment can be sourced locally.


Make a basic Garden Chair

We made a basic garden chair for the patio using PAR pine that you can buy at any Builders Warehouse.


Make a patio table

This circular patio table is perfect for indoors or outdoors, although we made ours to accompany our DIY garden chair.


PVC Pipe Bird House

It might be winter now, but it won't be long before bird life is looking for a place to set up a new home.

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Make a bar for your balcony

If your balcony isn't large enough to swing a cat, you'll love this balcony bar - it slips over a balcony railing.


Add a border to flower beds

If you use a lot of timber for projects you'll also have lots of offcuts. Use timber offcuts to make an attractive border for flower beds.


Add colour to your patio

Here's a simple way to add colour to your patio and recycle. Grab a couple of cans of Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in bold colours.


Simple Wood Plant Stand

As winter draws near and shrubs and trees start to drop their leaves, it's a good time to bring some plants indoors. This elegant - yet very simple - plant stand is ideal for creating an instant feature.


Brazier from Washing Machine Drum

Here's an easy way to turn a washing machine drum into a fire pit or brazier to keep you warm on chilly evenings outdoors.

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Build a Jungle Gym

If you live in the Western Cape you'll be pleased to know that you can download plans and buy all the materials you need to build a jungle gym in your garden.


How to clean a gas grill

As Autumn moves in it's time to start thinking about giving your gas grill a much-needed clean. A good clean will not only extend the life of your gas grill but also prevents bacteria build up.


Make your own garden chair

This modular garden chair is easy to make using either reclaimed pallet wood or pine that can be sourced at your local Builders or timber merchant.


DIY Hanging shelf for a balcony

Perfect for a small balcony, the triangular shape of this hanging shelf allows it to fit into any corner and you can secure to existing railings or fasten to a balcony wall.


Make a hanging herb garden

Plant up an indoor herb garden and display close to a sunny kitchen window. With this hanging herb garden you will always have fresh herbs at your fingertips.

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Life lessons for kids in the garden

With their naturally inquisitive minds and active imagination, everything they hear, feel and see in the garden opens a whole new world of learning. Let your children learn in the garden over the summer holidays.


Umbrella Stand Table

Stay cool in the shade in easy reach of cold refreshments with this umbrella stand table.


Build a Garden Arch

Build your own decorative garden arch in the garden. A garden arch is a wonderful way to create separate areas within a garden, and also to have an eye-catching and interesting feature.


DIY rainwater harvesting system

With most of the country in the grip of a drought, here's a way to collect water by making a DIY rainwater harvesting system.


Garden Day - Sunday 15 October 2017

Throughout the year we tend our gardens, small and large, and Garden Day is a day to sit back, relax with friends and enjoy all the hard work you put into your garden.

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DIY Garden Gate

Here's how to make a garden gate - or door - using half a sheet of pine plywood, for an inexpensive alternative to a hardwood door.


DIY for the Patio

With summer on the horizon, here are some DIY projects to get started on to have your patio ready for fun in the sun.


Concrete hands planter

Use bagged cement to make your very own concrete 'hands' planter for the garden, or for the home.


Easy to make Garden Furniture

Made of pine, these comfortable chairs are easy to make for a deck or patio, or just for lounging in the garden.


Make a simple Rain Gauge

A rain gauge allows you to keep track of summer or winter rainfall, and this simple rain gauge is made by recycling a plastic juice bottle.

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Lighting and Security for a Home

Installing a motion-sensor floodlight is an easy way to light up your outdoors and add an effective crime deterrent.


Planter Boxes with French Cleat hangers

Use 16mm plywood to make planter boxes mounted on a French cleat system that allows you to easily remove the planter boxes when necessary.


Attract birds to your garden

I love to sit in the garden and watch the bird life. Adding a birdhouse is a wonderful way to attract regular visitors to your garden, and this birdhouse is easy to make.


Colourful Bird Feeder

Winter is almost upon us, and local birdlife will be looking for food. Use scraps of wood, Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint and recycled plastic bottles to make these colourful bird feeders.


Conversation-piece Tabletop Firepit

Understand working with concrete a little better by making your own unique tabletop firepit.

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Galvanised pipe garden table

Make your own unique table for the garden using galvanised pipe and pine planks. You can make this galvanised pipe table in a day and save money.


Easy slat bench

This pine slat bench is easy to make and you can finish in your choice of wood tint and paint colour. Buy all your supplies at your nearest Builder store.

Reclaimed pallet daybed

Use cheap (or free) reclaimed wood pallets to make a comfortable daybed for your patio or garden.

Make your own artificial concrete rocks

Making your own artificial rocks is a cost effective way to add interest to garden landscaping or design unique water features.

Make a shady cabana for the garden

Use PVC pipe to create a shady cabana for the garden and spend more time relaxing outdoors.

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Use concrete for durable outdoor furniture

Not just affordable, using cement for outdoor furniture allows you to experiment with design to create concrete pieces that are unique, practical and durable.

Easy flower pot tables

Flower pots, whether plastic, fibreglass or cement fibre, can be painted with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint and used to create colourful outdoor tables. Choose shallow pots for a low table, or tall pots for a higher table.

Spruce up garden chairs with Rust-Oleum

Plastic chairs are an affordable way to add extra seating outdoors, but they become grubby over time. We show you how to spruce up those plastic garden chairs with a couple can of Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint.

Patio chandelier

This sculptural metallic chandelier will add a soft evening glow to your patio, deck or entertainment area.

Build a concrete and wood garden bench

Combine the strength of concrete with the warmth of wood to make a stylish bench for the garden.

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Old fan becomes a wall planter

An old fan becomes a wall planter filled with a wonderfully colourful selection of succulents. Make your own fan planter for a garden or patio.

Retreat from the hot sun

As the days get hotter and the sun becomes even more dangerous, building a wooden pergola makes perfect sense.

Colourful plant pot bird houses

Rust-Oleum supplied me with a selection of new products and 2X spray colours to try out. I decided to make some colourful plant pot bird houses for the garden. This is a busy corner and I'm sure the local wildlife will appreciate the new housing development!

Harvest grey water for your garden

With the drought in Gauteng and surrounding areas, why waste grey water from your home when you can use it to water your garden? Connect a section of pool pipe to a downpipe to re-direct grey water to your garden.

Romantic mosquito canopies

Use affordable mosquito nets to add a romantic touch to your outdoor living areas and keep hungry mozzies at bay.

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Easy DIY patio furniture

Here's a super-easy way to make your own patio suite consisting of a 2- or 3-seater sofa and matching chairs. This simple design is easy to replicate for a weekend DIY project.

Quick & easy outdoor space

If you need a place to entertain family and friends, we offer some advice on an easy and affordable way to create a wonderful outdoor area.

Pine outdoor storage bench

This outdoor storage bench is perfect for a deck or patio where you need extra storage, seating or a table. It looks great and will hold up well outdoors if properly treated. Lift-off panels allow for easy storage.


Recycled plastic bottle bird feeder

I like to recycle plastic as much as possible, and love this idea for using plastic cold drink bottles to make a bird feeder for the local bird life.


Old tyres become a handy outdoor table

Builders have a great idea for using those old, worn out tyres, which have been sitting in your garage for ages. Using a few, easy steps, a couple of old tyres, supawood offcuts and some castors, you can build your very own braai storage unit.

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Make your own concrete planters

When shopping for concrete planters for my front entrance, I could not believe how expensive these are. Rather than spend a fortune, here's how to make your own concrete planters.

Practical uses for breeze blocks

Breeze blocks (also known as cinder blocks and air blocks) have been around since the 70s and have been used as an affordable building material since that time. Now we are discovering many more uses for these blocks.

Breeze block and wood garden bench

Following on from our article on Practical Uses for Breeze Blocks, here's a super-easy method for making a bench using breeze blocks and PAR pine that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse.

Quick Project: Colourful patio furniture

Add some colour to your patio furniture with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint and refresh your outdoor space.

Recycled paint container stools

If you are doing any painting projects this year, here's a great way to recycle plastic paint containers into comfortable stools. I made stools for outdoors, but you can make them for any room and particularly for a child's bedroom or playroom.

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Outdoor hideaways for the kids

Kids love using their imagination for play, and these playhouses and structures are easy enough to make if you have the tools and skills.

Garden love seat

This slatted garden bench makes the perfect love seat for a garden. It's very easy to make and finished with Woodoc 25W water-borne sealer.

Maintain garden tools

Winter is the perfect opportunity to take the time to give your garden tools a good clean. Tools are expensive, and if you don't look after them they will become covered in rust, or blunt.

Make decorative concrete spheres

These decorative concrete spheres can be used for small plants or herbs, or spray the inside with Rust-Oleum Metallics, pop in a candle, and add unique lighting to your next outdoor event.

Make a braai cart or prep station

Get a head start on spring projects. Ideal for use indoors or outdoors, this mobile braai cart offers plenty of additional prepping space and ample storage space for braai tools and beverages!

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Not your average pallet outdoor furniture

If you are thinking about making pallet furniture for outdoors, take a look at the range offered by Paletten Moebel.


Aluminium can plant holder

Here's a way to repurpose aluminium cans into an attractive plant holder to add a touch of greenery to any room in a home.

PVC pipe mobile hose cart

Use PVC pipe to make this handy, mobile cart for your garden hose pipe. You can move it around and store a garden hose pipe with ease.

Homemade pressure washer

There are times when a high pressure washer - even a small one - comes in handy. We show you how to make a homemade pressure washer.


Cupcake concrete planters

I was looking at an empty cupcake tray (after eating all the cupcakes... on my own) and thought it would make the perfect mould for small succulent planters.

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Cool DIY hammock for hot days

What better way to spend a lazy afternoon than in a hammock in a beautiful garden. This easy DIY only takes an hour and costs under R200 – now that’s pretty cool.


Clean and nourish outdoor furniture

Even though you apply sealer to your outdoor furniture, it still needs cleaning on a regular basis. Using Woodoc Penetrating Wax cleans and protects at the same time.


Mosaic stepping stones

Making your own mosaic stepping stones is a great way to introduce some colour and pattern into a garden. You can easily modify the design to create your own unique mosaic stepping stones.


Terracotta pot smoker

A store bought smoker can cost a small fortune, but you can make your own smoker with a few supplies and a couple of terracotta pots.


Terracotta pot serving stand

Here's a fun way to turn terracotta pots into stylish serving stands. All you need are some terracotta pots and Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint that you will find at your local Builders.

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Painted terracotta pots

Still struggling to come up with gift ideas? Buy some terracotta pots at Builders Warehouse, add painted decoration, and fill with a beautiful arrangement of succulents.

Add more seating to your garden with a garden bench

Garden benches are ideal for gardens large or small. You can incorporate freestanding or built-in benches, and design a bench that complements any garden design.

Make a hanging hammock chair

With temperatures soaring it's nice to have a relaxing place in the shade to kick off your shoes and relax. These hanging hammock chairs are perfect - and you can easily make your own.

How to make a water blob

For the past year or so the water blob has become the most affordable and easy way to add a new element of fun for the kids.

Recycled plastic herb pots

I have become a fan of KFC's kream balls and the plastic containers can easily be upcycled into plant holders for small herbs or succulents.

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Easy concrete fire bowl

Casting concrete is easy and allows you to make items that will last a lifetime. A fire bowl is not only easy to make, it adds so much ambience to outdoor entertaining on cool evenings.


Drainage solution for waterlogged gardens

If your garden has drainage problems, here's an easy way to allow for water run off and add a decorative touch at the same time by adding a pebble drainage bed.

Spray paint outdoor furniture

Add colour to your outdoor furniture with a can or two of Rust-Oleum Universal spray paint. You can use Rust-Oleum spray paints on wood, plastic or steel furniture to give them an instant update - or a new look!

Concrete planters or water features

Concrete planters and garden ornaments, such as small water features, are easy to make and are a wonderful way to add interest to the garden. Buying ready made can be expensive, but one bag of cement goes a long, long way!

Use galvanised pipe to mount curtains for privacy on a patio or deck

Galvanised pipe offers an easy way to mount curtains on a patio or deck for privacy. Using galvanised pipe for a curtain rod allows you to mount long lengths and fit around corners.

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Upcycle tyres for garden furniture and planters

There are so many ways to upcycle tyres in fun and practical ways. In this article we look at recycling tyres for the garden, whether using tyres for planters or furniture.

Easy geometric concrete planters

Make your own arrangement of concrete planters and fill them with colourful succulents. They look wonderful on a coffee table or dresser, or to add a touch of greenery to a bathroom.

Outdoor table with built-in ice cooler

Here's a great project you can do in a weekend using supplies that you will find at your local Builders. This outdoor table has a built-in ice cooler to keep all your summer refreshments cold on hot, hot days.

Make a braai using wheel rims

Turn an old rusty set of tyre rims into a braai that you can use for potjiekos, breakfast on the braai, or add a grill and use as a conventional braai.

Restore steel or metal garden furniture

Restoring metal or steel garden furniture is easy, and a couple of coats of Rust-Oleum Gloss Protective Enamel Spray gives your garden furniture a new look to enjoy meals outside. Find all the brilliant colours at your local Builders store.

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How to make a shade sail

After fitting a small - very small - shade sail outdoors to cover my outdoor sofa I decided to rather make my own much larger shade sail to provide shade outdoors, and save quite a bit of money in the process!

DIY ideas for an outdoor bar

The weather is warming up and it's time to start planning for summer outdoors. We put together a collection of ideas for a DIY outdoor bar.

Water-borne Woodoc for garden furniture

When I originally made my outdoor sofa I wanted to leave the wood as natural looking as possible. But after seeing how Woodoc Water-Bourne transformed my deck I decided to do the same to the outdoor sofa!

Clean and sharpen your garden tools

With summer just around the corner it's time to get out those dull and rusty garden tools and restore them to good condition ready for use in the garden.

Make your own patio table

We are lucky enough to have sunny weather almost all year round. If you have a deck or patio you need a table, and this circular patio table is easy enough to make.

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Wine barrel furniture

Oak wine barrels range in price from R500 each depending on condition and source of supply. Here in South Africa our wine estates replace their wine barrels on a regular basis, so there will always be local availability if you want to make up an outdoor set.

Painted pebbles cacti

My kids brought back a whole bag of pebbles from the beach and I decided to paint these to resemble potted cacti and placed them in colourful pots. They will provide a wonderful splash of colour on the patio.

Self-watering plant containers

In the summer we go through bottles and bottles or orange and guava juice and I decided to save all the plastic bottles to make self-watering plant holders for colourful annuals, succulents, and even cacti

Build a concrete firepit

With chilly evenings heading our way here's how to build a simple concrete firepit that will add a dash of style to an outdoor patio, while warming up cold nights in the garden. This project is easy enough to complete in a weekend.

Make herbal soap

What better way to spoil our moms for Mother's Day than with a simple, fun and creative herbal soap that the kids can make with a little help.

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No-weld braai or smoker

This drum braai smoker is just the thing for when the power goes out. You can easily pop in a roast or chicken and not have to worry about load shedding. Plus, you don't need any welding tools to make the braai smoker.

Mosaic planter

I wanted a small planter for outside on the patio and decided to go with a mosaic planter using mosaic tiles that match the upholstered cushions on the outdoor sofa.

Make a Swedish fire log

Turn a tree stump into a Swedish fire log and heat up the potjie on a chilly winter evening with family or friends.

Garden table with channel for condiments or herbs

Making your own garden furniture can be expensive, but this pine garden table has an aluminium channel that sits in the centre and can be used to hold condiments or filled with planted herbs.

Recycle pool floating into hanging plant container

You know me... I don't like to throw anything away until I have exhausted all my ideas for recycling or re-purposing. This time it's a way to recycle plastic pool chlorine floaters into hanging plant holders.

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Easter scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun for children and they are also a great way to turn those frowns upside down when the excitement of the Easter egg hunt is over.

Hanging herb garden

Very simple to make but stunning to look at, this hanging herb garden would look great on a sunny wall outside a kitchen, or even indoors if there is enough light.

Floating pool noodle beverage bar

Use a pool noodle and plastic storage box to make a floating beverage bar for a swimming pool and enjoy lazy summer days by the poolside.


Recycled can outdoor shower

Hot summer days, kids playing in the pool, fun outdoors... this recycled aluminium can outdoor garden shower is one way to rinse off after a day swimming in a chlorine or salt water pool.

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Make outdoor tikki torches

Make your own tikki torches using bamboo poles, recycled bottles and a few supplies you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. Use citronella lamp oil and your torches will also keep the mozzies at bay.


Outdoor sofa gets new fabric covers

Having recently made my outdoor sofa and upholstered with navy blue bull denim, I wasn't quite feeling the excitement and sense of achievement that I should have been. So I decided to recover them.


Outdoor storage coffee table

A couple of months back we featured step-by-step instructions for making your own outdoor sofa. In this project we made a storage coffee table, so that we can store the upholstered seat cushions when not in use and make sure they are kept dry.


Sandpit with seating and lid

Young children love a sandpit. This sandpit has a lid that can be easily placed over the top to keep out cats and ensure the sand stays clean. It also doubles as a daybed or play platform when not used as a sandpit.


Easy fabric sun lounger

I have seen sun loungers similar to this on the Internet, but this design has a couple of practical and eco-friendly differences. I used old pillows for filling the sun lounger and it has an adjustable back that allows you to set the angle you want to sit at.

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Gabion-style outdoor table and benches

Use gabion baskets - or make your own using steel mesh - fill with pebbles or stone and add reclaimed wood or railway sleeper tops and you have a modern outdoor dining set that is easy to make.


Tree stump left in the garden

When you have a large tree cut down in the garden, using a tree feller costs anywhere from R2000 upwards - and that's just to cut the tree down to size. So what can you do with a tree stump that's left behind?


Gorgeous outdoor dining tables

If you haven't yet set up a space for outdoor dining, we have put together a collection of gorgeous outdoor dining that will inspire you to grab your power tools and some wood, or shop around for affordable alternatives.


Kiddies PVC pipe garden chair

Here's a quick and easy project for making kiddies chairs using PVC pipe that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. The chairs are painted using Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint and are finished with colourful fabric seats.


Upholstered cushions for outdoor sofa

My DIY outdoor patio sofa was finished a couple of weeks back and I finally got around to making the upholstered seat cushions.

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Make your own patio furniture

A few months back I featured an article on making your own designer patio furniture. Having priced a similar design at anywhere from R10 000 upwards it will only cost about R2 600 to make my own.

Dressed up flower pots

While looking for ideas for a flower pot arrangement for one corner of the garden I came across these ideas for dressing up plain flower pots using an assortment of branches or twigs. 

Revamp breakfast table and chairs with Rust-Oleum

I am in the process of paving my outdoor area and want to set up a spot where we can sit outdoors on warm mornings and enjoy breakfast. Using cast-off plastic and steel chairs and a concrete pedestal table, everything was painted with Rust-Oleum spray products.

Old garden shed becomes children's playhouse

Having just demolished my old garden shed to make way for a veggie garden, this project that turns an old shed or garden hut into a children's playhouse struck me as a wonderful way to re-purpose a hut or shed rather than throw away.

Copper crafts for garden decor

Copper is a wonderful material to use for outdoor projects. Copper pipes, rings and copper sheet is soft and reasonably pliable, as well as fairly inexpensive. What's nice about using copper outdoors is that it acquires a beautiful patina over time.

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DIY designer patio furniture

Forget my last feature for DIY outdoor furniture, this is definitely one garden suite that I want to build. The outdoor patio suite probably costs a small fortune but is a simple DIY project that anyone could tackle.

Winter gardening

Living in South Africa we are blessed with sunshine for three hundred days (possibly more), each year. And winter is just a quick break from our hot summers - it's also the best time to get planting and preparing the garden for the new growing season.

How to make a concrete bench

Concrete is an inexpensive way to make a variety of projects, but it's also the ideal material to use for making a garden bench that not only offers a comfortable place to sit and relax, but also becomes a feature in a garden.

DIY ideas for concrete or wood garden benches

Making a garden bench out of concrete of wood provides a place to sit and relax in the garden. But a garden bench can also be a decorative feature, or provide storage. Here are a collection of DIY concrete and wood garden benches that you can make for your own garden.

DIY building fences

Using reclaimed timber or planed pine to build an outdoor fence  is an option that allows you to enclose your property with materials other than vibracrete, concrete or brick walls.

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DIY fold up - drop down table or desk

The secret to this handy wall-mounted table is that it folds away easily when not in use. The two side flaps open up to hold the top of the table in place while you work. You can use this fold up - drop down table in so many ways.

Reclaimed wood herb or plant stand

Knowing that I still needed to do a project for easyDIY magazine, I thought it might be nice to make a herb of plant stand using the leftover bits of reclaimed wood and some old drawers that I have been wanting to use.

Make a DIY garden privacy screen

This pine privacy screen is perfect for a patio or balcony. You will find a selection of PAR pine products at your local Builders and you can modify the size of the panels to fit your particular situation.

Make a kitchen herb tower

This herb tower is easy to make with a selection of different sized flower pots that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse, or may already have lying around in the garden or shed.

DIY concrete water feature

Buying a simple water feature can cost anywhere from R800 upwards depending on the size. Or you could make your own custom concrete water feature with a few basic supplies that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse and a cardboard carpet tube.

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Decorative concrete planters

Making your own concrete planters is a fun way to create your own personalised pots for a garden. You can add glass or stone pebbles, mosaic or any other decorative trim to finish off the concrete planters. You can also use this same method to create a water feature.

Make a simple raised garden bed

Raised beds are the solution to many gardening problems and you can modify the design for various situations in any garden, whether to rectify a garden that has poor soil, or to create areas that are easy to care for or planted up with assorted vegetables.

How to install a rain barrel

Prepare your garden for dry spells and reduce water consumption by fitting your own rain barrel. A small rain barrel won't take up a lot of space and is easily fitted to a downspout to collect rain water for use in the garden.

DIY outdoor garden furniture

With easy access to tools and materials for DIY enthusiasts, making outdoor garden furniture has become a growing trend that many like to take on as an alternative and affordable option for outdoor furniture.

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Design a decorative side pathway

If your garden is anything like mine, at the far end of my house the side path is used as a dumping ground. Here's how to lay a decorative gravel and paved path that looks good and enhances your outdoor area.

Comfortable sunroom or patio chaise

I love to stretch out on a hot summer's day with a good book and a cool glass of wine. This comfortable chaise is simply a basic pine frame upholstered with a layer of foam and wrapped in fabric.

DIY outdoor slat chairs

If you need chairs for outdoors, these slat chairs are very comfortable and would look good on a deck or patio, or when creating a cosy corner to sit and relax.

How to make an LED outdoor sparkle ball light

If you have plastic cups leftover from entertaining over the holidays, here's a way to recycle them into an LED light that is perfect for your New Year's party.

Outdoor garden table and benches

If you're planning on entertaining during the festive season and won't fit all your guests around that small outdoor patio set, you need to make this large outdoor dining table and bench set.

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Copper pipe tikki torches

Make your own tikki torches using copper pipe and a few other essentials that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. Push your torches into the ground throughout your garden or around your patio, light them and relax.

Nail varnish dipped plant pots

Forget about paint dipped pots. This project shows how you can use nail varnish to add a colourful dipped effect to plant pots, or anything else for that matter. Buy a few bottles of inexpensive nail varnish in your choice of colours and experiment.

Lazy susan turntable for outdoor dining table

A lazy susan turntable is perfect for an outdoor garden table. All your condiments, sauces and jams can be placed on the turntable for easy access to everyone sitting at the table. And making a lazy susan is easy if you use a lazy susan bearing.

Eco-friendly garden craft projects

Here's a way to have some fun with your power tools and be eco-friendly at the same time. We've put together a selection of eco-friendly garden craft projects that will save you money and make gardening easier!

Reclaimed timber garden swing chair

The ideas for using reclaimed timber just keep on coming. These reclaimed timber garden swing chair is made from timber pallets and is just the place to relax in the shade of some trees on a hot summer day.

Classic slat garden bench

A place to sit and relax in the garden is a must have, and this classic garden bench combines contemporary good looks with comfort. You can make the bench out of PAR pine, meranti or any hardwood of your choice.

Groovy garden table

Entertain in style with this groovy garden table. We used PAR pine to make our table and then finished it off with exterior sealer. The groove design adds an decorative touch to the table and is not something you can buy in a store.

Cleaning garden furniture

Nobody wants to eat off from a dirty outdoor table or sit on a grimy chair - so when it boils down to keeping furniture pieces in pristine condition, regular cleanings are necessary.

5 Effective Ways To Prevent Mosquitoes Ruining Your Party

Throw an outdoor party without having it ruined by pesky mosquitoes using these 5 tips.

Why You Need to Buy a Very Strong DeWalt Blower

We’re talking about ditching the hand tools for the many advantages of a one-piece does it all leaf blower.

How To Install A DIY Sprinkler System

The installation of  a DIY sprinkler system may seem like a daunting task, but if done correctly it can help to ensure water reaches areas that wouldn’t have been able to receive enough water to remain fertile otherwise.

How To Install A DIY Sprinkler System

The installation of  a DIY sprinkler system may seem like a daunting task, but if done correctly it can help to ensure water reaches areas that wouldn’t have been able to receive enough water to remain fertile otherwise.

5 Signs You Need To Remove A Tree From Your Lawn

Make sure that your trees don't cause any damage by removing them the moment you see any of the signs discussed in this article.

5 Ways To Maintain The Look Of Your Backyard

In this article, we offer a list of expert recommendations to maintain the look of your backyard.

4 Effective Ways to Weatherproof Your Outdoor Space

A way you can weatherproof your outdoors.

The benefits of rubber tracks for mini excavators

We look at just some of the benefits of rubber tracks for mini excavators.

Things To Consider When Hiring Power Washing Services For Your Home

Here are things to consider when hiring power washing services for your home.

Keeping Your Outdoor Spaces Pest-Free: The Step-by-Step Guide

There are a few strategies to put into practice to keep your outdoor spaces pest-free.

4 Tips For Cleaning The Exterior of Your Home

When planning a cleaning project on the exterior of your home, check out several valuable tips below.

5 Things that attract wildlife pests to your yard

Read this article to learn why wildlife is attracted to your property and what to do about it.

A 10-Item Garden Cleanup Checklist For Home Landscaping

Use the checklist below to ensure your home landscape is appropriately maintained and cleaned.

3 Things to Consider if Thinking about Building a Retaining Wall

If you are looking to build a retaining wall, there are some important factors that you should consider first.


How to Convert Your Shed into a Tiny House

Are you thinking about converting your shed into a tiny house for your teenager? Read on as we tell you the steps you need to take to commit the conversion.


Identifying Common Summer Pests

When you know what to look for, you can take measures to protect your home, property, pets, and family from harmful pest infestations.

Organizing Your Shed is Fun and Easy with these 6 Tips

Take a look at our top 6 tips for organizing your shed that will completely transform your space and allow you to make the most of it.

How to Use a Manual or Electric Log Splitter Like a Pro

By the time you've finished reading this article; you’ll be equipped with tips on how to use a log splitter just like a pro!

How to Find the Best Fence Contractor Near You

A a good fence contractor should be easy to work with, willing to answer any questions you have about fencing, and be able to make sure that your fence is installed correctly.

Buying Vs. Building A Garden Shed: Which Is Right For You?

Below are some of the important factors you should take into consideration when deciding to buy or build a garden shed.


Common Signs of Wasp Infestation and When to Call for Help

When it comes to securing your home from the hazards of wasp infestations, the guidance and expertise of a reputable wasp extermination service are invaluable.

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