Add More Seating to Your Garden With a Garden Bench

Garden benches are ideal for gardens large or small and you can incorporate freestanding or built-in benches, and design a custom bench that complements any garden design.






Every garden, small or large, should have a place where you can sit and take in all the hard work you have put into the garden. A garden bench, even a small one, is an easy DIY project that you can tackle in a weekend and for many, you do not need any specialist tools. Source your wood from a local timber merchant that offers discount prices for unplanned rough-cut timber or pop into Builders and check out the range of untreated, unplaned timber that is far more affordable than PAR pine. 



For this article, we have chosen a selection of garden benches, both freestanding and built-in, that anyone with a bit of DIY savvy and the basic power tools can make. Consider learning and new skill by incorporating concrete into the design to build a built-in bench for a shady spot in the garden.



It might mean a little more sanding, but purchasing rough-cut timber from a timber merchant or Builders store will save you a substantial amount of money.



If you have a slatted fence on a wall or around the garden, consider adding a garden bench in the same style.







Whatever timber you use for your garden benches, it is important that you seal the timber to extend the life of your new garden benches. Builders offer a range of exterior sealers, for all types of timber, both clear and tinted in a selection of wood tints. The reason it is recommended that you use a sealer rather than a varnish is because a sealer is absorbed into the wood rather than sitting on top of the wood and this is not only absorbed into the cells of the wood but also into the surface to provide far more protection that is less likely to crack under our hot sun.



Simple yet practical, the garden bench below would be perfect for the garden if made using reclaimed wood planks.



For those DIY enthusiasts with a little more skill under their tool belt, you can build a custom garden bench that certainly add a unique feature to a garden.






So easy... just a few cement breeze blocks that you can pick up for about R10 each and you can have a fitted bench in no time.



Cosy and rustic, this reclaimed wooden bench adds comfortable seating to a quiet, shady corner in the garden but would also be ideal for a stoep or patio.



The simple yet modern garden bench shown below is an easy DIY project for a weekend. Find detailed instructions on Click on this link for supplies and step-by-step instructions.









Put your DIY skills to good use and design the perfect garden bench for your garden. Hopefully, these images have inspired you to spend a weekend or more building a garden bench that would be a permanent feature in your outdoor space. Work according to your budget and shop around for the best prices on materials.