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Make flower containers with tree stumps

It's tree felling season, and we show you how to use tree stumps to make attractive organic flower containers for your garden or patio, or even for indoors.


July and August is tree felling month, a time when you get in the tree fellers to cut down large or overgrown trees. In this project we show you how easy it is to use tree stumps to make your own flower containers for the garden or patio, or to add something unique to your home interior.


Tree stumps

Exterior sealer or varnish


Drill / Driver

50mm Forstner bit

Sander plus 120-grit sanding pads

Sharp wood chisel

Rubber mallet

Tape measure and pencil

Bosch PFS spray system or paintbrush

OPTIONAL: Bosch Multifunction tool






1. When having large trees trimmed, have the tree feller cut logs or stumps down to size for your project. Have them cut at different lengths for more variety for your arrangement, or hire a chainsaw and cut them yourself. If you're using wood from a recently felled tree, store it indoors for a few days to let it dry out sufficiently.

2. Use a 50mm Forstner bit to hollow out for the container section at the top. Use the Forstner bit to bore several holes in the log, then hollow out the bits in between to create one big hole.

3. Remove excess material with a wood chisel by placing the chisel against the wood and hitting with a mallet to chip away at the inside of the log.

4. You can make the outer section of the log nicer by stripping away some or all of the bark. Use a multifunction tool and scraper attachment, or hammer and chisel, to remove the bark from the lower section.

GOOD TO KNOW: Secure the log against a workbench to ensure that it doesn't slip around as you work

5. After removing the bark from your stump, sand away any rough areas with a multi-sander and 120-grit sanding paper. This will remove any remaining bits of bark and any splinters.

6. Apply clear sealer or varnish to your tree stump containers. This will highlight the beautiful detail in the wood. Coat your flower pots in clear finish to protect the wood. To add a dash of colour, you can also paint the area where you have removed the bark. After sealing, let the logs dry thoroughly and then line the inside of the flower pot before adding the first plants. To extend the life of your stump flower pots, it's best to use pond liner or plastic sheet on the inside.

GOOD TO KNOW: Place a drop cloth, put on your safety gear and then fill the paint spray system with varnish or paint and apply an even coat to the log.