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Quick Project: Make a Hanging Garden Seat for outdoors

If you need a place to sit in the garden, this hanging seat is easy to make and can be hung from a large tree branch or a solid beam on your patio roof.


ken wyngard

This hanging seat is made using an old solid wood door, some thick rope and a few other accessories. It's the perfect seat to hang in the garden if you have overhanging trees with thick, solid branches, or you can hang it from a sturdy ceiling beam if your patio has a roof. Another option is to make a frame using PAR pine that can be set up in a shady spot in the garden.


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Solid wood door

Thick rope

Hitch ring or method to fasten








1. Get the door ready by removing any paint or varnish by sanding. Measure and mark to drill [8] holes to a size that allows you to thread the rope through - at both ends of the door. You want the holes to be close to the corners and equally spaced along the width of the ends.

2. Cut the rope into 4 lengths according to the height required and long enough to be doubled up. Thread the rope through a hitch ring or large eye bolt and let hang.

3. Position the door on a temporary support at the desired height.

4. Loop the lengths of rope through the holes drilled into the door at both ends. Tie a secure knot, arranging them as shown in the image above. Continue until all the lengths are threaded and knotted.

Now all that's left to do is to remove the temporary support and top off the door with a thin mattress or cushions and dress up to suit.



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