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Convert a Garden Shed or Hut into a Play Space

If you have an existing garden shed or hut that is serving as storage for junk, clean it out and convert it into a safe play space for children.






When the weather is nice, it's great to get the kids outdoors to play in the garden and keep themselves occupied while you get a moment or two to relax, but if there isn't anywhere for them to play, they quickly get fed up. Converting an old garden shed or hut into a play space is a wonderful way to get the kids outdoors more often and you can kit the space out with everything they need for hours of entertainment.









Any shed or hut, no matter the condition, can be patched up and made good with materials and supplies available at any Builders near you.




Even if the shed is old, you can still spend a few bucks and spare some of your time to make it a safe area for the kids to play in. A worn down shed normally only needs a good sanding and fixing up here and there and it won't cost you much to have it in a good enough condition to paint and decorate. When you look at the price of Wendy houses and new garden sheds, you will save a fortune by setting aside a couple of weekends now before the weather starts to warm up again. And if you don't have kids, why not look at converting that old shed into an outdoor area for adults!









If you do not have a garden shed or hut that you can convert into a children's play space, there is always the possibility of looking around for reclaimed or salvaged materials that you can use to make a small hut, something similar to the one shown above and below from KidKraft that has been made good by using reclaimed timber flooring planks, some old window frames and an old door.





Take a look at the before and after below of this charming little hut that has become a dream play space for a little girl and her friends.





Scrap pieces of timber and assorted timber fittings all thrown together to make a play space for outdoors. Put your ideas down on paper of how you want the shed to look and then shop around online to find timber that you can use. Or look around for reclaimed pallets - this would work just as well.









Convert a Shed into a Play Space


  1. Inspect and assess what repairs need to be done to order the materials needed at your local Builders or other.
  2. The shed must be structurally sound and safe for children to use and that means adding reinforcing wherever it is required.
  3. Make sure that there are no sharp edges or splinters while sanding the entire structure.
  4. Paint or seal with eco-friendly or low VOC exterior paints or sealers.





This outdoor play space offers a basic design for a fun area for kids to entertain themselves, boys or girls, only a few modifications here and there are needed to make it suitable for all children.





No matter how small, kids love to use their imagination and having a garden shed at their disposal will provide many hours of use and keep them out of the sun on hot days or under shelter when it rains. And you won't have to worry about toys littering your home.







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