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Decorative Outdoor Screen for a Garden

An outdoor screen not only adds privacy to your garden or entertainment area - they are also great for adding a decorative element.



Decorative screens have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years and considered an excellent choice if you want to add privacy to an outdoor or entertainment area, or to add a decorative element to the garden.

You can use decorative outdoor screens to close off an open patio area or to enclose an open plan entertainment area, either to provide more privacy from neighbours or just to create a more cosy setting for you and your family. Decorative outdoor screens are also great if you want to add zones to a large garden or if you want to close off a specific area, say for an outdoor kitchen or entertainment area.


Decorative screens can also be brought into the garden if you want to set up an architectural feature or highlight a certain spot in the garden, perhaps at the end of a pathway. And while there are only a few limited options for us locally, that is bound to change in the future as enterprising entrepreneurs realise the value of this as a business, or home DIY enthusiasts realise how easy it is to make your own decorative screen.





Buying a Prefabricated Screen

Decorative outdoor panel screens are affordably priced, especially when you compare them to alternative building materials. A single panel screen measuring 900mm wide x 1800mm in height retails at around R1700. This screen can be used in a variety of ways such as for a vertical application to close off or add privacy to an area, or to cover up or hide an eyesore in the garden. It can also be used in a horizontal application to provide a decorative roofing option for an outdoor structure such as a deck, pergola or patio.







Below are just a few samples of the designs of decorative screens available at Builders Warehouse.



Not just for vertical applications, you can use decorative screens to provide shade for outdoor structures.


More than a beautiful screen for outdoors in the garden, think about using decorative screens for applications where you would normally not use them, such as for doors and windows in outdoor rooms. They offer privacy, as needed depending on the design selected, and bring a contemporary feel to spaces. 


Decorative screens are available in a range of designs that can be used to cover up an eyesore such as a waste bin, pool pump or water tank.







If you have a balcony or outdoor room that you are looking for options to install roofing, a decorative screen fits the need and provides shade and interest.


Making a Prefabricated Screen

If you are under the impression that making a decorative screen is way out of your skill-set, think again. You can use sheet metal, aluminium or Perspex as a material for making your own decorative screen and then using the right tools to cut out the design. If I was making a screen like the one shown below, I would use either an angle grinder or Dremel DSM 20 to cut out large areas and possibly my Dremel rotary tool for detailed cutting. Something to think about if you fancy making your own decorative screen.


You can make a decorative screen from a wide range of materials and finish to your specifications, either with a painted finish, powder coating or left to age naturally. That way, you can customise the design and shape to fit in with your requirements.




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