Gabion-style outdoor table set

Use gabion baskets - or make your own using steel mesh - fill with pebbles or stone and add reclaimed wood or railway sleeper tops and you have a modern outdoor dining set that is easy to make, won't cost a fortune and is practically maintenance free!


This gabion-style outdoor table and benches is easy enough to make and if you have all the steel mesh cut to size, assembly is quick and easy. Top off the benches and table with reclaimed wood, railway sleepers or stone for a garden set that is raw and stylish with a contemporary feel.


20 of 350 x 450mm steel mesh or 4 small gabion baskets - bench supports

10 of 500 x 760mm steel mesh or 2 large gabion baskets - table base

2 of 44 x 44 x 1800mm PAR pine - top support battens

Steel wire or clips if not using gabion basket kits

Pebbles or stones for filling

Reclaimed wood or railway sleepers for benches and table, or even a piece of stone


Angle grinder and safety goggles

Saw for cutting reclaimed wood or sleepers


Tape measure and pencil


1. To make each bench support join together the steel mesh panels per instructions, or using steel wire or clips to create baskets for your pebbles or stones.


Use an angle grinder to cut the base to fit. Wear safety goggles when using an angle grinder if you need to do any cutting.

2. Make the support for the table in the same way, using steel wire or clips to secure sides.


To ensure the baskets retain their shape after filling, strap a piece of steel wire from side to side towards the base and top of each basket.

3. Place the bench and table support in the desired location before filling with pebbles or stones. The baskets will be very difficult to move once you fill them, so make sure they are exactly where you want them to be. Fill with pebbles so all crevices are filled.

4. To make the bench seats and tabletop use a saw to cut reclaimed wood or sleepers to size. You will need supports under the bench and table top, which has ends cut at a 45-degree angle to make it easier for the supports to fit into the top of the baskets. You might need to move the pebbles around a bit to fit.

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