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Make a decorative concrete planter

Making your own concrete planters is a fun way to create your own personalised pots for a garden. You can add glass or stone pebbles, mosaic or any other decorative trim to finish off the concrete planters. You can also use this same method to create a water feature.


While this planter is made using a bowling ball to create the centre, you can use any round object and fill it up with pebbles to add weight.


Small bag of cement

Sharp sand, 1kg

PVC pipe for drainage

Plastic bowl for mould

Bowling ball or circular object that can be filled with pebbles


Glass or stone pebbles, or choice of decoration

Spray n cook or vaseline

Rubber gloves

Find everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.






In order to provide drainage for your concrete planter, or allow for a pipe for a water feature, you will need to drill a hole in the plastic bowl and fit a piece of PVC pipe. The hole doesn't need to be as big as this one, you could also use smaller holes and PVC pipes.

As mentioned above, although a bowling ball is used in this project, you can substitute with any round object. Fill with something heavy like pebbles to add weight and hold the object in place until the cement has time to cure. Coat both the bowl and ball (or whatever you are using) with spray n cook or vaseline.


Work outdoors or in your workshop and cover surfaces to protect them from mess - and there will be mess!

Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Mix up enough cement, sand and water to fill up the bowl you are using as a mould. Mix your concrete in equal quantitites 1:1 of cement, coarse sand. Add enough water to produce a thick, but not too sloppy, paste and pour this into the mould.

Wait about an hour, or until the concrete begins to set before adding your decorative pebbles, glass or mosaic. Lightly press this onto the top of the cement.

Leave the bowling ball or heavy object in place for at least 48-hours and then remove. Over the next 7 days keep wetting the concrete to prevent it from drying too fast and cracking. Ater 7days you can remove the plastic bowl and start using your concrete planter.

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