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How to Turn any Vase into a Decorative Planter

I have been trying to find decorative plant pots for some time and just haven't had any luck, so after finding a pretty ceramic vase that I like, I turned this into a planter for your houseplants.


The ceramic vase that I used for this project is one that I've had for many years and it got tucked away out of sight until I recently cleaned out and discovered it. The photos I took don't do justice to the ceramic vase, but it's exactly what I want to re-pot my Peace Lily.






Finding the right planter for your home can be difficult and I have been on the lookout for quite some time - without any success. I didn't want a plastic planter and just couldn't find a nice ceramic planter that I liked and that wasn't too expensive. So here's how I turned a ceramic vase into a decorative plant pot.


Vase in ceramic, glass, galvanised steel or other


18V or 12V Bosch Drill / Driver

Alpen multipurpose drill bit, 10mm dia.


The secret to drilling holes in almost any material is to use the right drill bit. I treated myself to a set of Alpen drill bits that cover most of my drilling needs and the set only cost around R450 (on special). When you consider the longevity of Alpen drill bits and the fact that they make any drilling job quick and painless, they are most definitely value for money in my book!








1. To turn any vase into a plant pot you will need to drill holes in the base. If you don't drill any holes you risk the chance of the plant dying due to waterlogged roots. For a pot this size, three holes should be sufficient.

GOOD TO KNOW: Place the base of the vase on a piece of board - where you drill needs to be flat to prevent any cracking or chipping when you drill the holes through the base.

2. Use a powerful drill like the Bosch PSB 12V or 18V drill/driver and an Alpen drill bit specifically for masonry, brick or hard materials. Anything else and you will waste a lot of time trying to drill a hole.



3. The new plant pot (vase) is slightly larger than the original plastic pot that came with the plant, but much deeper, and will allow the plant roots to flourish.



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