DIY fold up - drop down table

The secret to this handy wall-mounted table is that it folds away easily when not in use. The two side flaps open up to hold the top of the table in place while you work. You can use this fold up - drop down table in so many ways: in the garage or shed as a potting table - as a handy place to set up a comfortable workspace - or in a small children's bedroom as a study desk.


It's so easy to make this fold up - drop down table and you can buy everything you need for the project at your local Builders Warehouse. Have the sections cut to size and then all you need to do is trim the sides with a jigsaw.


1 of 500 x 900mm 16mm plywood or supawood - top
1 of 50 x 900mm 16mm plywood or supawood - top flap
1 of 20 x 32mm x 900mm PAR pine - front flap
2 of 400 x 600mm 16mm plywood or supawood - side flaps
1 of 20 x 32mm x 100mm PAR pine - top lock

Wood glue
4 x 25mm cut screws
30mm wire nails
6 strap hinges with wall plugs and screws
2 keyhole brackets with wall plugs and screws
1 turnbutton


Jigsaw and clean-cut blade
Tape measure and pencil


The side flaps are 400mm wide x 600mm high. At the bottom measure and mark at 80mm. At the top, measure down 150mm and mark. Draw a line between the 150mm and 80mm marks and cut this away with a jigsaw.

To secure the top flap to the table drill a 3mm countersunk pilot hole 50mm in from each end and in the centre. Apply wood glue and secure with 25mm screws. On the top use wood glue and wire nails to secure the front flap to the edge of the desk. Glue the clamp the front flap in place and let this dry before hammering in the nails. The front flap serves to stop items from slipping off the edge of the table top.

After attaching strap hinges to the sides and the top flap, the strap hinges are secured to the wall with wall plugs and screws. Remember to drill a hole that is the same diameter as the wall plugs but at least 10mm longer. The sides are mounted 30mm in from the edge of the top.

For a more secure fitting if you want to use this design as a desk, add battens to the underside of the top that hold the sides firmly in place when the top is down.

To mount the top lock, lift up the top against the wall and mark the mounting position. Attach keyhole brackets to the back of the top lock and drill for wall plugs and screws in the wall. Attach a turnbutton to the top lock to hold the top in place when not in use.