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Kiddies PVC pipe garden chair

Here's a quick and easy project for making kiddies chairs using PVC pipe that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. The chairs are painted using Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint and are finished with colourful fabric seats.


Find instructions below for making a small, medium or large PVC pipe kiddies chair.


3 metres of PVC pipe

8 of 90-degree elbows

6 of T-joints

Tangit PVC weld adhesive

Hacksaw (jigsaw or mitre saw)

Fabric for seat and sewing equipment

Cutting List - Small Chair: Perfect for a 1-2 year old

7 of 250mm (A)
4 of 130mm (B)
4 of 100mm (C)
2 of 150mm (D)

Cutting List - Medium Chair: Perfect for a 3-4 year old

7 of 330mm (A)
4 of 200mm (B)
4 of 130mm (C)
2 of 180mm (D)

Cutting List - Large Chair: Perfect for a 5-6 year old

7 of 410mm (A)
4 of 255mm (B)
4 of 130mm (C)
2 of 230mm (D)

Find PVC pipe and accessories, plus all materials and supplies at Builders Warehouse.






A: Bottom, arm rests, arms, headrest.
B: Chair base - these determine how high off the ground the child sits.
C: Arm front and back.
D: Headrest sides - these determine how tall the back of the chair is.

1. Use a hacksaw, jigsaw or mitre saw to cut the pipes to length.

2. Assemble all the sections using Tangit PVC weld adhesive. You need to work reasonably fast, as this adhesive sets very quickly and, once joined, you will not be able to take the sections apart. Start with the seat arms and then the base and work from there.

Do not apply glue to the ends of the headrest and seat front, as you will need to take apart to pop on the fabric seat.

3. Take the assembled chairs outdoors and place them on a drop cloth. Make sure they are clean before you apply light coats of Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in your choice of colour. Let each coat dry before applying the next coat.

4. To make the seat for the chair simply measure the width of the seat part – from headrest to the front of the seat. Allow extra fabric for folding over the pipe at both ends and to make a pocket that allows the pipes to slip through.


You will need to remove one end of the headrest and front seat section in order to slip the seat over the pipe to finish the kiddies garden chairs.



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