Make a herb tower with plant pots

This herb tower is easy to make with a selection of different sized flower pots that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse, or may already have lying around in the garden or shed. Pot up with your favourite herbs and place in a sunny spot that's easy to access when you need to pick a few herbs for cooking or salads.


For your herb tower you can use as many pots as you like and they can be ceramic, clay or plastic. Place the herb tower in a sunny spot and water regularly. You will have easy access to a variety of your favourite herbs to use when cooking or when making fresh salads.


Plants pots

Garden spike or steel rebar

Potting soil


Selection of herbs



1. Find a nice sunny spot for your kitchen herb tower. Push a garden spike or steel rebar through the holes in the base of the largest plant pot. This will secure the kitchen herb tower in place.

2. Fill the base plant pot with potting soil.

3. Place larger growing or herbs that will hang over the side of the pot around the outside edge of the potting soil.

4. Taking a slightly smaller sized pot, place this on top of the base pot by threading onto the garden spike or steel rebar.

5. Repeat the process of adding slightly smaller pots as you increase the height of the kitchen herb tower. Plant different herbs in each layer of pots.


Don't add too many pots... you don't want the tower to fall over!

When choosing herbs for your kitchen herb tower, make sure you select ones that like the same amount of sunshine, or ones that require little or lots of water.

Watering your kitchen herb tower is easy... as you water the top the moisture is absorbed into the different levels all the way down.


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