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Make A Colourful Planter Base For Garden Umbrella

If you are looking for ways to bring more plants onto the patio or deck, this colourful base for your garden umbrella is perfect.




This gorgeous galvanised planter not only pretties up a garden umbrella but also adds a splash of colour to a pool area, patio or deck.


It might be cold outside right now but there's nothing wrong with bringing a little sunshine into you life by making this planter base for a garden umbrella. This planter disguises the base of a garden umbrella and can be filled with a selection of foliage plants or colourful annuals - anything that brings a splash of colour to your patio or deck.

What's also nice about making this planter for an umbrella is that it has wheels on the base so it makes it easier to move the umbrella around to wherever you need shade.

If you don't have a galvanised bath or tub that you can use to make the planter, take a look around your home to see what else will work just as well.








Garden umbrella

Galvanised tub or bath

4 Caster wheels and fasteners - these are really cheap at

PVC pipe, 1 metre length

Plastic bucket, 5 litre - lower in height than the tub or bath

Cement and sand mix

Bag of gravel


Drill-Driver plus assorted bits











Step 1

Prepare the galvnised bin or tub by securing the [4] casters on the base using nuts and bolts. Don't use screws as these won't last long and nuts and bolts will be more durable and long-lasting. Drill holes the same diameter at the bolts. Push these through the caster support and into the base of the tub or bath. Add a nut at both ends of the bolt and make sure that this is tightly fastened.




Step 2

Place the PVC pipe in the plastic bucket and pour gravel inside to hold the pipe in position. Pour sand and cement {4:1} in the bucket and soak with water. You don't need to mix this up anymore, the water will soak through and the cement will harden into a solid mass.







REYCLE: Use a 5 litre paint container or HTH container in place of the plastic bucket and it's a great way to recycle plastic that would normally end up on the trash heap.




Step 3

Position the bucket with the pipe in the centre of the galvanised tub or bath. Pour the rest of the gravel around the bucket. Instead of filling the entire tub or bath with soil, place stones, broken flower pots or other material that will take up space and add weight.




Step 4

Now you are ready to add potting soil and your selection of plants. A few hanging or trailing plants, or plants with dainty foliage will instantly freshen up the arrangement and add height when planted with low-growing annuals or perennials.


Add ferns or hanging plants that soften the hard edges of the container







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