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Use galvanised pipe to mount curtains for privacy on a patio or deck

Galvanised pipe offers an easy way to mount curtains on a patio or deck for privacy. Using galvanised pipe for a curtain rod allows you to mount long lengths and fit around corners.

Adding curtains to a patio not only adds privacy, it's also a way to cool down a patio during the hot summer months with lightweight, airy fabrics - or swap out curtains with a heavier fabric during the cooler months to add warmth and be able to spend more time outdoors.

When shopping for fabrics for outdoor areas be on the lookout for synthetics specifically for outdoor use, or durable medium- or heavy-weight cotton fabrics. The sales staff at your local fabric store should be able to offer advice on the best fabrics to use.





Galvanised pipe is reasonably inexpensive when compared to conventional curtain rods and you can buy a selection of widths and lengths at suppliers around the country. You will need lengths of pipe, nipples and elbows, and flanges for mounting onto a wall - try It's important that you use Fischer wall plugs when mounting onto walls, as these will support the weight of the pipes and fitting, as well as curtains.

Rust-Oleum have a range of spray paint products that allow you to paint galvanised pipe in a flat, satin or gloss finish. The Universal range of products also offers metallic and hammered finishes. You can buy a wide selection of Rust-Oleum spray paint products at your local Builders.

Measure up and work out what you need beforehand, so that you can discuss your requirements with a local supplier of galvanised pipe and fittings.