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Concrete 'hands' planter

Use bagged cement to make your very own concrete 'hands' planter for the garden, or for the home.


Once you see how easy it is to make this concrete 'hands' planter, you will definitely want to make more - and they even make great gifts.

When filling the planter, only use plants that require very little soil. Succulents and air plants are ideal for planting.


Bag of cement (or use plaster of Paris as a substitute)

Rubber gloves

Disposable gloves to fill

Small trowel

Water to mix

Clothes pegs or clips

Medium bowl

Find all the supplies necessary for this project at Builders Warehouse.






1. Mix the cement into a smooth consistency - it shouldn't be too runny or too stodgy. Aim for a porridge or thick cream consistency. Slowly pour into your glove moulds, making sure to squeeze the cement down into the fingers. You want the fingers to be thick, but don’t over fill the gloves.

GOOD TO KNOW: Gently tap the gloves to remove any air bubbles.

2. While holding each glove closed at the top, rinse away any excess cement on the outside of the gloves. Close off the ends with pegs or clips.

3. Place the gloves in your bowl and position in the shape in which you want it to set.

GOOD TO KNOW: Avoid squishing the fingers too closely together, as this will make it difficult to remove later.

4. Leave the cement to set over night and then gently peel off the gloves. Your new planter is ready to be filled with assorted plants and put out on display.