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We Found Some Cool, Easy DIY Hanging Daybeds

Don't wait for summer to give your outdoor space a makeover, now is the best time to grab your power tools and make something for the garden, like one of this cool DIY swinging daybed.


It isn't that difficult to make a hanging daybed but there are factors to take into consideration









We recently looked at some of the best Hanging Basket Chairs and, while not something you can DIY, we thought it might be cool to look at some DIY alternatives for relaxation outdoors. What better way to sit back and chill than a comfortable hanging daybed, one that you can easily make when readily available materials at your local Builders store and a few basic tools and supplies.


A hanging daybed should only be mounted to a support structure that can hold the weight of the bed - with people sitting or lying on it.


What is a Hanging Daybed?

For those that don't know, a hanging daybed is a comfortable sitting solution that allows you to sit or stretch out and enjoy the garden. While many hanging daybeds are mounted from ceiling beams, there is the option to build a sturdy A-frame to support a hanging daybed. 







Thick ropes or heavy-duty chains are the most popular choice for hanging a daybed - don't use anything less than that




Tools To Make a Hanging Daybed

For most of the projects shown below, you can get away with owning just a basic set of power tools. A drill/driver is always the first power tool to add to your arsenal but let's not forget about a jigsaw if you need to cut corners, make circles or perform cutouts. Most projects also call for one sander or another and I always recommend that you invest in a flat-bed orbital sander - one that also lets you use affordable sandpaper sheets as opposed to sanding pads with velcro.


There are hundreds of ideas to be found on the Internet for making a hanging daybed but not all are constructed with safety in mind. Take a close look at the how-to before you start a project.




Materials To Make a Hanging Daybed

Pine is most definitely the most inexpensive material for all types of projects, or you can look around to find pine pallets that cost very little and can be used to make a variety of items for indoors and outdoors. But if you want a wood that also lasts longer outdoors, you should consider meranti or saligna - both of which are used to manufacture doors - or other hardwood.







Pine is a popular choice for many outdoor projects but it does need to be treated with an exterior sealer annually to protect the wood from moisture and rot.


Safety Considerations for a Hanging Daybed

The safety considerations when making a hanging daybed should revolve around the construction of a sturdy frame to support a thin foam mattress, the method for hanging the daybed and, most importantly, where the hanging daybed will be mounted. When hanging a daybed there must be a strong support beam or roof beam that is able to withstand the weight and if not, you should make a sturdy frame to support the daybed.


Hanging daybeds can be a simple design without any trimmings or something more elaborate - select one that is easy to make with the power tools you have and readily available supplies.


Ideas for Hanging Daybeds


Whatever daybed design you settle on, consider all the above factors before embarking on the project. As with any DIY project you tackle, you need to ensure you have the necessary tools and that materials are readily available.




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