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Must-Do Tasks for a Good Looking Lawn

While you might have given a little attention to your lawn, here are some essential lawn tips you need to do right now.


Most homeowners leave the sprinklers on the lawn for an hour or two and hope for the best. But if you want a beautiful lawn that looks great and your neighbours will envy, you need to get started on a few essential tasks.

Give your lawn a good watering

In the absence of a good rainstorm, your lawn will need a good watering to revive it from its winter hibernation. Most of the country has yet to receive it annual Spring downpour, and you can blame it on climate change, or perhaps we are entering another year of drought, but whatever the cause, give you lawn a good watering early in the morning - at least 2 to 3 times a week. Don't flood the lawn area, you want to water with a sprinkler until the soil is well-soaked.







After the first soaking with water, use a garden fork to aerate the lawn. To do this simply put holes in the entire lawn to ensure that oxygen, water and nutrients get down to the grass roots where they are needed the most.





Get your lawnmower ready

Still not got round the sharpening or replacing the lawnmower blades. Do it now! You don't want to attempt to mow without having sharp blades as this will simply rip the lawn to shreds. Get your tools out to sharpen the blades, or pop into a lawnmower supply store and buy new blades for your lawnmower.

Keep in mind that lawnmower blades should be sharpened every 2 to 3 months, especially during the spring and summer months. If you invest in a Dremel Multitool (rotary tool) you can sharpen your own lawnmower blades as and when required - plus do a host of other sharpening tasks and crafty DIY projects as well.





Keep pests and weeds under control

When getting your lawn ready for the summer ahead, be vigilant when it comes to pests and weeds. If you don't get these under control as quickly as possible, they will very soon establish a hold and be hard to get rid of. As soon as you see signs of weeds popping up, or brown / dying patches of lawn starting to appear, take immediate action.

Pop into your nearest Builders store or garden centre, tell them what is happening to your lawn and they should be able to offer assistance. If in doubt, the Internet makes it easy to go online and find solutions to so many problems in the garden.

Feed the lawn

While your lawn needs oxygen and water to get it started with new growth, it also needs a kick start with fertilizer. Spring is the ideal time to feed your lawn, particularly if you want good, strong green growth all season.



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