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Make a simple Rain Gauge

A rain gauge allows you to keep track of summer or winter rainfall, and this simple rain gauge is made by recycling a plastic juice bottle.



Plastic bottle, clean and dry

Permanent marker, black

Craft knife

Tape measure

Latex gloves

Bucket for mixing

Cement mix: [1] cup sand - [1] cup cement - [1] cup water

Buy everything you need for this project at Builders.






1. Mix together the cement mix in a bucket. Slowly add water until the mix has the consistency of thick porridge.

2. Remove the top of the bottle - about 20mm below the neck - and place a 30mm thick layer of cement mixture at the bottom. Leave this to cure for 4 to 5 days on a flat, level surface. The cement acts as a weight for your rain gauge and provides a level within the bottle.

3. With a tape measure, mark the bottle at every 10mm (1cm) intervals. Make it easy for you to read the measurements on the bottle and number accordingly from 1 to ...

4. Place the bottle top upside down to act as a funnel for rain water.

Now your rain gauge is ready for use. Place outdoors in an open area that is away from buildings and trees.