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Make a Hanging Garden Chair for outdoors

I have always wanted a hammock for the garden but just don't have the space, but this hanging hammock garden chair is super-easy to make and takes up far less space.


A traditional hammock is a great way to laze away on the weekend, but they do take up a lot of space and require a special stand to support them. This hanging hammock chair, on the other hand, is easy to make, won't cost you that much, and can be mounted on an overhanging branch under a shady tree or on a sturdy beam on your lapa or patio.






2.5 x 2.5 metres of heavy-weight fabric or canvas or a new/old blanket

Sturdy natural or nylon rope

10 glass marbles or round pebbles

Piece of thick, pine curtain rod for hanging, approx. 1 metre length

Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Decor accessories to finish and dress your hanging chair







1. Measure 200mm in from the edge of the fabric and tie a knot at all four corners. To do this, place a glass marble (or pebble or large nut) underneath the fabric and tie the knot underneath this. The knot is known as an open-end clove hitch knot.

GOOD TO KNOW: A constrictor Knot self-tightens and is much easier to do.

2. Add more knots along the sides - every 130mm. For more information on where to place and how to tie the knots, view the video below.

3. Continue all the way around until both sides are complete.

4. Take your ropes and run it over the thick dowel and tie off with secure knots.

OPTIONAL: If you prefer a sturdy seat, cut a piece of scrap board to fit into the base of the hanging chair.


Add a cushion for the seat and one for the back.




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