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Romantic mosquito canopies

Use affordable mosquito nets to add a romantic touch to your outdoor living areas and keep hungry mozzies at bay.


Summer has arrived, and with it the swarms of mosquitoes that hover around us. Quick and easy to install, mosquito nets are one of the most economical ways to shelter an outdoor seating or dining area and protect yourself at the same time. Drape a ready made mosquito net over your outdoor table and protect from bugs. Mosquito nets are locally available in a wide variety of shapes and styles. You can buy online or do a search to find a local retailer.

Mosquito nets are panels of sheer, durable fabric mounted on rings or a frame that can be used to block nuisance pests or draped for an elegant look for outdoor areas. Mosquito nets are simple and quick to install.





Decorative and functional, circular mosquito nets are a wonderful idea for creative and romantic summer decorating. The lightweight design of traditional mosquito netting allows for mounting almost anywhere, so you can even install them on a small balcony to set up a private retreat to sit and relax.

Lightweight outdoor fabrics are the best choices for outdoor summer decorating. You can add embellishments such as beads, tassels and ribbons to add a personal touch to decorate your outdoor areas.




Mosquito nets are manufactured from sheer lightweight fabrics that lend themselves to outdoor use. Use as is, mounted from an overhanging branch, or drape over a shade umbrella or gazebo to evoke the romance of a tropical setting.



Square or rectangular nets create a wonderful shelter for summer decorating and entertaining in the garden. Spread the netting over or under a gazebo or pergola seating area to provide a shady retreat.


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