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Harvest grey water for your garden

With the drought in Gauteng and surrounding areas, why waste grey water from your home when you can use it to water your garden? Connect a section of pool pipe to a downpipe to re-direct grey water to your garden.



Tangit PVC weld

Lever tap,40mm

PVC pipe, 40mm

Union, 40mm

Tee, 40mm

Pool pipe connector

Pool pipes



Tape measure and pencil

Find all these supplies at your local Builders Warehouse.






1. Cut a short length of PVC pipe and assemble the Tap and Tee using Tangit PVC weld to join.

2. Connect the Union to the tap using another short piece of pipe and Tangit PVC weld.

3. Measure and mark the downpipe, taking into account that the fittings will slip into each other. Remember to subtract the corresponding measurement from the overall length.

4. Using a hacksaw, cut the downpipe. 

5. Use PVC weld to attach the Tee to the top of the downpipe. 

6. Join the bottom section of the downpipe to the Union and glue in place with PVC weld.

7. Slip the hose connector into the end of the pool hose and then attach the hose to the Tee. Now you’re ready to channel your grey water to water plants in your garden.