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Easy to make hanging hammock chairs for patio or garden

With temperatures soaring it's nice to have a relaxing place in the shade to kick off your shoes and relax. These hanging hammock chairs are perfect - and you can easily make your own.


Make your own hanging hammock chair with little more than a strong meranti dowel or bamboo, or length of steel pipe, some thick nylon line, and your choice of fabric for the chair. Most of what you need can be found at your local Builders.

The most important component for any hanging hammock chair is how the chair is supported. Any hanging hammock chair needs to be securely bolted into a timber or steel beam, unless you are hanging from a strong branch.

The fabric for your hanging hammock chair should be durable and you are best looking at heavy-weight cotton such as bull denim, or canvas. Thinner fabrics will not support weight unless doubled over.





Seams, loops or rod pockets needs to be hemmed and double-folded before sewing with a double row of tight running stitches.

Choose a reasonably thick nylon line or strong natural rope for hanging a hammock chair and heat the end of synthetic materials to prevent them from unravelling.