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How To Light Up The Garden With Solar Lights

I have been trying out different brands of solar lights in the garden to see which worked best and lasted the longest and have finally settled on the best one.




The above image was taken at 22H00 of the light provided by a single Solar Flair spotlight mounted outdoors in the garden.


Over the past couple of years, I have been trying out different brands of solar lights and different types of designs to find out which ones provided the best lighting and also lasted the longest. I'm not purchasing expensive brands, just ones that I can purchase for under R1000 and work the best. So far, Solar Flair spotlights that I purchased from Builders have proven to be durable and effective at lighting up the garden at night.







I now have a total of three Solar Flair spotlights that provide light to different sections of the garden and two of which have done so for over 2 years and still work perfectly. The last one purchased, I am showing in this article so that you can see for yourself how effective it is a lighting a specific area (the pool and surrounds). Even a single solar [28] spotlight provides a good amount of light for outdoors.








Solar Flair 28 LED Utility Light available at Builders at under R1000.


Using sunlight to charge a solar panel and light up the garden throughout the night is an effective way to increase the security of your home, and after the cost of the spotlight, solar power is free!



The Solar Flair spotlight was mounted on a pillar just outside the garden door and provides plenty of light for a large area of the garden. I have included images below that show the scope of light from the spotlight and you can see how much area is lit by the solar light, which is approximately 8 x 9 metres.



A single solar spotlight lights up the garden in the evening, providing atmosphere and security.




TThe spotlight switches on automatically at around 16H30 when it starts getting dark and stays on the entire night until switching off in the morning. The solar charging panel is mounted so that the panel receives about 8 hours of sunshine during the day and this allows the light to work throughout the night.








Installation of the Solar Flair spotlight is easy and anyone could install if they have a drill and accessories. The trickiest part of the installation process is to choose where to mount the spotlight. It needs to be in a spot where the solar charging panel can receive the maximum sunlight throughout the day, and this is very important if you want the spotlight to light up the garden for the entire night. The actual installation only involves mounting the light and placing the charging panel onto a wall or structure and it's not difficult at all.


With solar spotlights in the garden, you don't have to worry about security around the home when the power goes off!






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