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Build Your Own Wood-Fired Stove Top, Pizza Oven and Braai

We show you how to build your own wood-fire stove top, pizza oven and braai using affordable and recycled materials.






When the videos below popped up in my daily feed, I was amazed at how easy the projects were, and even more impressed at the materials they used to build a wood-fired stove top, pizza oven and braai. The main materials for the project are cement and brick, but they also make use of items that are recycled, such as an old washing machine or tumble dryer, and an old stainless-steel sink.



All of the stove designs shown below incorporate a wood-fired oven that can be fuelled by regular firewood that you can buy at your local garage or supermarket, or you can collect your own firewood if you regularly trim trees and shrubs in the garden. I like to keep scraps of timber I use for projects to burn in my chimenea and that keeps the fire going through winter. You could also use charcoal briquettes, but wood does give the food a nice smoky flavour.



If you need an outdoor solution for cooking food or like the idea of adding one of these ingenious inventions to your outdoor space, take a look at the videos below for more information.



Make this simple yet fully functional wood-fired stove top and pizza tray



Build a Wood-Fired Stovetop with Pizza Option

In the video below you will see how you can repurpose a stainless-steel sink into a wood-fired 2-in-1 stove that features a stovetop and pizza baking tray. Apart from the sink, you will need bags of cement, clay bricks and rebar - all of which you can buy at your local Builders store, as well as the other supplies used for this project. The only other thing you need to source is the sink and polystyrene blocks.





Make this 2-pot wood-fired stove top and braai to cook everything at the same time





Build a 2-Place Wood-Fired Stovetop and Braai

In this video, you can follow the easy step-by-step instructions to make a wood-fired 2-place stovetop that is also a braai? With this design, you can have 2 pots or pans on the stovetop to cook your vegetable accompaniments, and you also have a braai grill for cooking meats. Once again, an inexpensive project that you can easily make on a weekend.






Build a Simple Wood-Fired Stovetop and Braai

Who would have thought that a broken, trashed washing machine or tumble dryer could be used as a wood-fired stovetop and braai. Use the stovetop for cooking in pots and then replace it with a braai grill to cook your meats - what a great idea! The bricks and cement used to build the wood-fired stove, and everything else you need, can be purchased at your local Builders or hardware store.





Just goes to show... it isn't all that difficult to make a functional outdoor stove for daily meals (if the power goes off) or for cooking outdoors. And the completed wood-fired ovens work well and look great too!





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