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Make an outdoor patio suite

Here's a super-easy way to make your own patio suite consisting of a 2- or 3-seater sofa and matching chairs. This simple design is easy to replicate for a weekend DIY project.

When this patio suite popped up on pinterest, I was immediately inspired by the simplicity of making this furniture as a DIY project. The simple frame assembly allows you to modify the size to make a 2-seater or 3-seater sofa, or a couple of chairs, so you can choose the size to fit into the space you have available.

The modern design is easy to replicate at home with the right tools, and you have the option to choose to make the furniture using 67mm PAR pine from your local Builders Warehouse, or 70mm PAR meranti from a timber merchant (we shop at Great North Timbers in Fourways).

While pine is the more affordable timber, bear in mind that it is a softwood. Meranti is not a hardwood, but it is far more dense (stronger) than pine, plus, you get far fewer defects in meranti and, once properly sealed and protected, meranti will last far longer outdoors.

The side frames for both the sofa and chairs have mitred corners, so you will need to use a mitre saw to cut these. You will also need to use a Biscuit Joiner to assemble the side frames. When you consider that buying this furniture ready made will cost you around R10 - R12 000, investing in a Biscuit Joiner will still save you thousands.





1. Start off by assembling the side sections for your sofa or chair. Cut the top of each side leg with a 45-degree mitre before attaching the bottom side section using a Biscuit Joiner and Ponal wood glue. Ponal wood glue is the best option when using biscuits, as the runny consistency allows it to be absorbed by the biscuit easily. Clamp and leave to dry overnight.

GOOD TO KNOW: At the same time, cut the top arms with a 45-degree at both ends and put these aside for the time being.

2. In the meantime you can assembly the seat support using 32 x 70mm planks cut to 600mm length. These are attached to the front and back frames using biscuits and wood glue. Clamp and leave to dry overnight.

3. Secure the side frames to the base with stainless steel or deck screws.

4. Use biscuits and wood glue to add the top arm to the side sections and finally, insert and secure the top back piece with stainless steel or deck screws.

Protection from the elements is essential to extend the life and enhance your finished project. Use a quality, exterior sealer such as Woodoc 30, Woodoc 50 or Woodoc 55 (coastal regions) and apply according to the instructions.

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