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Use terracotta pots to make a smoker

A store bought smoker can cost a small fortune, but you can make your own smoker with a few supplies and a couple of terracotta pots.



Hot burner plate (800 - 1000 Watts)

Frying pan, small

Skillet or grill


Terracotta pots for top and base (should fit together snugly*) - the bigger the better

Rubber bung (washer not required)

Drill / Driver and 10mm HSS bit

3-Pin plug

*If  the pots don't fit together snugly you will not be able to generate enough smoke for the smoker to be effective.







1. Remove the handle from the frying pan and grill (if it has one).

2. The electrical cord needs to be pushed through the hole in the base of the pot, but if the hole is not large enough you can cut off the plug, thread it through and attach a new plug.

3. In order to control the hot plate you need access to the control knob. In this case a 10mm HSS bit was used to drill a hole at the same level as the control - the knob was removed - and a screwdriver will be used to turn the hot plate up or down.  Pack the inside of the pot with newspaper to prevent damaging the other side and drill slowly.

If you are unable to remove the temperature control knob you will need to make a larger hole. If this is the case a hole saw can be used.

4. The thermometer is added to the top section of the smoker. To do this a hole was drilled through the rubber bung and the stem of the therometer pushed through. This was then pushed into the hole in the pot.

5. Now it's time to put your smoker to the test. Have a fire extinguisher handy just in case!