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Copper decor crafts for garden

Copper is a wonderful material to use for outdoor projects. Copper pipes, rings and copper sheet is soft and reasonably pliable, as well as fairly inexpensive. What's nice about using copper outdoors is that it acquires a beautiful patina over time.

Copper wire is very pliable and easy to work with, allowing you to shape it to any form. This copper wire teacup is mounted onto a copper pipe and filled with moss for pottng up a posy of pansies.





Use a plum bob to accurately determine the placing of the copper bowl underneath where you will cut a 10mm diameter hole in the gutter.

If you have difficulty sourcing copper rings for the chain, use plastic rings and paint these with Rust-Oleum Universal Aged Copper spray paint.

Place the bowl on a bed of gravel layered with cut rocks or pebbles to allow excess rainwater to drain into the soil below.

Turn a stainless steel bowl into an attractive water feature using copper pipe and wire.

Use a punch, awl or HSS drill bit to drill small holes around the top of the bowl.

Wrap a piece of copper tube around the lip of the bowl using copper wire.

Where to buy copper sheets

You will find small, cut sheets at many craft and hobby shops, or you can have copper sheets cut to size at Metals Centre. Copper pipes, tubing and wire you will find at Builders Warehouse or plumbing supply stores.

There are so many ways to use copper sheet, copper tubes and copper wire for projects in and around the garden.

ABOVE: Copper plates and bowls mounted onto steel or copper pipes make wonderful bird feeders and waterbaths.

Copper sheet is soft enough to be moulded into a variety of shapes. These copper arum lillies add a touch of elegance to a flower bed.

Copper pipe and wire can be used to make a small garden trellis or obelisk. Use them for sweet peas or climbing plants and vegetables.

Copper and glass suncatchers always add something unique to a garden. Recycle glass bottles, or use coloured glass marbles to create your own dazzling suncatcher.

As you work with copper and realise how versatile it is, try your hand at something a little more creative and difficult. I adore these copper birdhouses and would love to try my hand at this type of project.

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