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Easy concrete planters

Make your own arrangement of concrete planters and fill them with colourful succulents. They look wonderful on a coffee table or dresser, or to add a touch of greenery to a bathroom.



Polycell Rockset or small bag of cement

Pea gravel

Thick cardboard


Craft knife

Duct tape or sellotape (duct tape is better)

Dust mask

Rubber gloves

Cling wrap

Find the products you need for this project at your local Builders.






1. Download and print out the template for the triangular shapes. You will need two cardboard shapes, one smaller than the other. The smaller (centre) shape needs holes pushed through the base to allow for drainage - make sure these holes are 10mm in from the edge of the base.

2. Assemble the triangular shapes using duct tape to hold the sides in place.

3. Mix a small batch of Rockset or cement and add pea gravel. Fill up the base of the larger triangle to a thickness of about 10mm - or to the level of the drainage holes.

4. Place the smaller triangle inside and bed on top of the poured mix, making sure the drainage holes are in the centre section. Fill this with the cement and pea gravel mix.

Tap the top as you work to release air bubbles in the mix as you pour.

5. Let the mix cure for at least 3 days. It helps to lightly mist the containers daily with water and cover them with cling wrap during the curing process.

6. After 3 days you can carefully remove the inner and outer cardboard to reveal the planters.

Before planting up, soak the planters in fresh water and rinse a couple of times. Cement is alkaline and this can affect plant growth.