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Make a bar for your balcony

If your balcony isn't large enough to swing a cat, you'll love this balcony bar - it slips over a balcony railing.


You can make a bar for your balcony using pallet wood, reclaimed wood, or PAR pine that you can buy at your local Builders  Warehouse in different widths and thicknesses.

Making the balcony bar is easy enough...

1. Start off by making a frame that slips over the top of the balcony railing. The gap between the two support boards should be a snug fit when you place onto the railing.

GOOD TO KNOW: A couple of 32 x 69mm PAR pine beams are all you need for the support, plus a piece of PAR pine for the top of the frame, which is approximately 160mm wide if you allow for the back and front panels.





2. After assembling the top frame you can add the back panel. In the next step you will be adding a couple of uprights to the back, so make the back panel about 400 to 420mm in length to accommodate for this.

3. Attach a couple of uprights to the back for support.

4. Move onto the front of the balcony bar and secure a front panel to the support beam and top. The height of this front panel determines the positioning of the bar sections, and you can raise or lower this depending on your personal preference. Our panel is 140mm wide (high).

5. Finally, add the bar section to the front panel, using 22 x 44mm battens underneath for extra support. Position the battens for the inside edges to be in line with the support beam at the top, so that it will rest on the balcony and give added stability.