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5 Effective Ways To Prevent Mosquitoes Ruining Your Party

Throw an outdoor party without having it ruined by pesky mosquitoes using these 5 tips.



When the weather is good, who can resist an outdoor party? The only downside to throwing a party on a warm night is the mosquitoes, those nagging little insects buzzing around in your backyard. If you want to throw a fun party without having it ruined by pesky mosquitoes, these 5 tips will help you out.


1- Hire a Pest Control Service

If you think mosquitos are on a mission to ruin your fun, make sure your yard is freshly sprayed before planning a party. Hire a professional Long Island exterminator who can inspect hidden spots that can become breeding areas for mosquitoes and other insects.

Often midges can also decide to join the party. They’re annoying tiny flying insects, as are mosquitoes, but fear not, because a qualified pest control specialist will help you identify and eliminate mosquitoes, midges, and other stubborn insects and pests. Pest control is also essential when it comes to your safety and health because some insects like mosquitoes can carry disease.



2- Use Lighting Repellants

Using citronella-scented candles or citronella-powered lanterns will repel any annoying mosquitoes from your party as citronella oil is an effective plant-based insect repellent. Get a few decorative candles and lanterns to the tables as well as the edges of your backyard or patio.

This is a win-win solution for you because not only will the light drive the mosquitoes away from your party, but it’ll also provide a soft ambiance and give your party a more cozy feel.


3- Get Rid of Stagnant Water

Make sure there's no standing water anywhere in your outdoor area. From wet plates under your flower pots to improperly drain kiddie pools, stagnant water is a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Always make sure that you don’t have any surfaces with water floating about, which includes water on top of any toys, discarded on the lawn and liquids in an open trash can.


4- Plant Natural Repellants

Some plants produce defensive chemicals to deter mosquitoes and ward off other insects. Citronella oil is obtained from the stems and leaves of different lemongrass species so planting a lemongrass garden would be very effective in driving the mosquitoes away.

Garlic, rosemary, and marigold are among the several other effective pest-deterrent flowers and plants that can repel biting insects. Take your pick and make natural repellents part of your landscape.


5- Apply Insect-Repellent Lotions and Sprays

There are several bug-repellent lotions and sprays available at any drugstore. Choosing a lotion or spray listing DEET, IR3535, or Icaridin (also known as Picaridin) as its active ingredient is your best bet for keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Apply the lotion or spray liberally to exposed skin and make sure to reapply it after a few hours because the effects will wear off depending on the longevity of your product.

No one wants to pay for outdoor parties with itchy mosquito bites, you don’t have to let those annoying insects prevent you from throwing a fun outdoor party. With the tips above, you can keep these pests away and peacefully enjoy the beautiful weather.



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