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Build a Swedish fire log

As the weather cools and we look at trimming down overgrown trees in the garden, I thought it might be nice to start adding a few projects where you can put chopped trees and stumps to good use - like making a Swedish fire log.


A Swedish fire is nothing more than a tree stump with quarter-sections cut into the stump, either three-quarters of the way down if you plan the just add a couple of broken up firelighters and screwed up newspaper to get the fire going, or...



...all the way down so that you have four quarter sections if you are building a fire using kindling and scraps of timber.

Tree stumps need time to dry out before you can use them, and the stumps from any trees cut down now can be stored away in a dry place for a couple of months and be ready for a roaring outdoor fire in the next couple of months - when the weather is cold and you want to gather around a group of friends outdoors.

You can start a Swedish fire log to cook a rustic, outdoor meal in a cast iron skillet, or pop on your potjie pot.