Why You Need to Buy a Very Strong DeWalt Blower

We’re talking about ditching the hand tools for the many advantages of a one-piece does it all leaf blower.


There’s nothing quite as satisfying as having a yard that looks neat and tidy and shows off its impeccable landscaping and colorful plant or flower life. This is so important to Americans that they spend more time per year on yard work than they do on homework, communication, and volunteer work.

This kind of yard upkeep may make people feel happy and satisfied, but unfortunately, there’s something everyone attempting to do anything outside has to deal with – the weather!

The joys of fall!

Doesn’t it seem like one moment the trees are showing off their jeweled leaves, and then suddenly the next thing you know they have fallen, and the ground is full of slippery mulch. This doesn't just leave though, as a whole load of other general debris joins the party along the way – leaving the average householder, as well as those whose job involves maintaining public spaces with many hours of backbreaking yard work ahead.

If the thought of shoveling, raking, and finally bagging this stuff is too much for you it’s time to take control and buy yourself a piece of equipment which can take on a lot of the strain for you; saving you both time and the chance of at best some serious aches, and at worst an injury of some kind.

Yes, we’re talking about ditching the hand tools for the many advantages of a one-piece does it all leaf blower.

The obvious benefits

· Tidying the yard is so much easier you don’t need to keep putting it off until it looks a terrible mess.

· There’s no need to drag a dozen different pieces of awkward and heavy equipment out of storage and around the yard to deal with regular cleanups when you can carry just one.

Buy the right blower

The point to replacing traditional rakes, spades, and brushes with a modern blower-style machine is to make your life easier. So before you rush to the store and buy the first one you find there to take some time to read up on which model will suit your needs the best, or you can skip that and look instead at the results of extensive research people like us have carried out on this very topic.

We recommend you go straight for a very strong DeWalt blower as you are guaranteed an excellent piece of equipment that will never fail to do its job.

The lowdown on the DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V Max 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower

There are lots of reasons why we recommend this item over other products in the field, and here are just some of them.

· Power

There’s plenty of power at your fingertips, without any need for major physical effort on your part. It’s a matter of pressing a few buttons to conjure up a 90 mph blow speed that simply can’t be matched by human effort! Different speeds are available on your blower, as you don’t always need the top level of power on every job.

· Lightweight

At slightly over seven pounds this DeWalt blower is easy to carry around. Combined with its speed any job you undertake will be done almost before you know it. It’s worth mentioning here that the special ergonomic design of DeWalt’s Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower makes it both easy and comfortable to hold and use.

· Low noise

You don’t have to worry about annoying the neighbors, or damaging your own ears while using your DeWalt blower as it’s unusually quiet! This is great news for early birds who prefer to get up and get things done early when they have a day off.

· Durability

You can expect to get a good lot of use out of this invaluable piece of yard equipment, making it a sound investment. However, for peace of mind, this blower comes with a three-year warranty.

· It has a great heritage

DeWalt is a well-respected company well known for designing and producing top-end tools, yard, and garden equipment and accessories, which is no surprise considering they got started back in 1924. When shoppers want something they know will be good quality, long-lasting well made and efficient the first choice for many is automatically DeWalt.

· Flexibility

A DeWalt DCBL720P1 20V blower can deal equally well with a light clean up or a heavy-duty task. DeWalt tools have another amazing advantage, that all the batteries and chargers for their products are interchangeable.

· Long battery life

The 20v battery will last for a long time between charges. (Users recommend the battery is removed from the blower between charges to avoid it draining over time.)

· Special features

The most well known extra feature is the brushless motor, which helps extend the life of this top-class blower as well as making it more efficient. Another special feature customers enjoy is not just the choice of speeds, but also that there is a special lock which makes sure the speed doesn’t accidentally change during use.

· Convenience

Being cordless means this DeWalt blower can be used anywhere without the user having to mess around with a cord. Of course, this also makes it safer to use the machine too.

· Well reviewed

On Amazon, this blower scores 4.4 out of 5 across 1500+ verified customer reviews. Most buyers praise all the key points and advantages which have been mentioned here, with the blower’s combination of power and sensitivity.

· Affordable

This useful blower can be snapped up for less than $230, which is a great deal on what is a must-have machine.
Enjoying your yard inevitably means putting in some work, but there’s no need for that effort to become such a tiresome chore that it gets neglected. The DeWalt blower makes yard work both easier and more fun.



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