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DIY Patio Furniture Set

This 3-part series shows how you can easily make a DIY patio or deck furniture using plywood to set up an affordable and comfortable seating area in your garden.


Over the past three weeks we have featured Part 1, 2 and 3 of making your own furniture for a patio or deck, or just for outdoors in the garden. In this article we show all 3 episodes, so that you can buy everything you need, grab all your tools and materials, and get started on making your own garden furniture.


Part 1

Andrew Donkin shows how to make your own patio furniture using affordable materials and without the high price tag normally associated with patio furniture. In this first episode he shows how to make the patio chairs. A single sheet of 21mm shutter ply lets you assemble two modern patio chairs that can be used as is, or you can buy or make your own cushions for a more comfortable seating option. Follow Andrew's instructions for making your own patio chair.

GOOD TO KNOW: Write down all the materials and supplies that you need for this project and take it along to your nearest Builders Warehouse. They will cut it all down to size so that all you need to do is assemble. As easy as that!


Part 2

This episode focuses on making the double chair that accompanies the two single chairs. Again, once assembled you can leave as is, apply a paint or wood stain finish, and add some comfortable seating pads or cushions to finish off your new DIY sofa.

Andrew explains how you can save an absolute fortune by making your own outdoor furniture, plus you can finish to suit your own style and taste.


Part 3

In the final episode you will be making the patio table that finishes off the set. Follow Andrew's simple steps to see how easy it is to make your own patio set. To make the table you need only half a sheet of plywood, making it a very inexpensive alternative for your own garden furniture.




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