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Quick Craft: How To Make a Wind Chime

The soothing sounds of a wind chime bring a sense of tranquillity to outdoor spaces and this wind chime is easy to make with a few supplies that you can buy at any Builders store.






I have several wind chimes in my garden that hang from tree branches, and I love the sound they make with a soft breeze. I know that wind chimes annoy some people, but for me, there is something tranquil about listening to bird calls, the soft tinkle of running water and the soothing melody of copper wind chimes.



Making a wind chime using copper pipe lets you play around with sound and you can shorten or lengthen the copper pipes to have a selection of wind chimes that play a soft melody in the breeze. There are plenty of other ideas for wind chimes on the web that range from quirky teapots to rustic bamboo chimes and everything in-between. If you have a bit of spare time on your hands over a weekend or would like to make a wind chime to give to someone as a gift, the wind chime shown here is very easy to make and you can buy most of the supplies you need at any Builders store countrywide.










Pebbles in assorted sizes

Copper wire, medium-gauge

Thin steel or copper wire

Copper or steel pipe




Round-nose pliers

Soldering iron OR epoxy adhesive

Dremel Multitool or Drill


Safety gear







If you live close to the seaside, you can take a walk on the beach to pick up assorted pebbles that can be used for this project, you will also find rocks and pebbles by a riverside. I found quite a few different pebbles at my garden centre and on rambles through the countryside.








Step 1

Use the pliers to bend and shape the copper wire into the hangers for the wind chime. If you have a soldering iron, you can use this to solder the hangers - or you can use epoxy adhesive.





Step 2

In this next step, you need to drill holes through the pebbles. The best way to do this is to use a Dremel Multitool and diamond drill bit or you can use a conventional drill bit and cutting oil. DO clamp the pebbles firmly to your workbench or work surface before drilling so that they don't move around. Also, be sure to wear safety glasses when drilling.





Step 3

You can also use a Dremel Multitool and cutting disk to cut the copper or steel pipe to the required lengths and drill holes at the top for hanging. Adjusting the lengths will produce different sounds once the wind chime is assembled. The pipes are attached to the wind chime using thin steel wire.



Wind chimes are available at and they offer a wide variety of designs.







Make a Wind Chime Using Recycled Junk

And for those of you who prefer to make use of recycled items or junk you already have at home, check out this wind chime made using part of a standing fan, a few painted steel washers and a roll of jute string. Not a bad idea!





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