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4 Smart Ways to Dress Up an Entrance

These smart and savvy ideas are just perfect for dressing up the entrance to a home, plus they are easy handmade projects with a personal touch.



We all know that first impressions last, and it is said that it only takes 3 to 5 seconds for someone to make up their mind when first visiting a house. While you are probably not out to impress guests and visitors, you do want them to feel welcome so, having a beautiful entrance is one way to do that.

A decorated entrance sets the tone for anyone visiting your home and can even make up for a lack of entrance hall or entryway inside the house. It doesn't have to be ultra-formal or perfectly laid out, just let it be a representation of you and your family.







1. Welcome To Our Home

Every house needs mats outside the door to protect floors from scratches and keep dust and dirt outdoors. Making a personalised doormat to welcome guests is not a difficult project to do and you can purchase affordable grass doormats at decor and hardware stores.


Once you have your mat, you can make a stencil using thick card or self-adhesive paper that will let you spray-paint your personal message onto the mat.

Your message can be fun or quirky, or something a bit more personal. Use a single colour spray-paint, or use more than one colour to brighten up the entrance.





2. Let People Know Where You Live

Street numbers can be confusing as it is, and sometimes there is no method - only madness - to some street numbers. Making it easier for your visitors to find you is as easy as putting up a sign on the wall outside your house. Making a house number sign is a project that will only take a couple of hours, and your visitors will immediately know where you stay.







Use laminated pine shelving or reclaimed pallet wood to make your personal house number sign and buy plastic or metal lettering that can be fastened onto the sign. Any personal details you can add will only enhance the charm and character of your creation.


3. Details Do Count

Even a few small details can go a long way towards creating a welcoming atmosphere for those visiting your home. Adding a few potted plants will soften harsh edges and introduce some greenery in a blank setting.


Even when a house is directly fronted onto the street, you can add a couple of planters and decor accessories to make your entrance different from the rest. It's all about the details and how visitors are welcomed at the entrance to your home.


4. Adding Character and Charm

A fun way to introduce character and charm to a boring front entrance is with a wreath or seasonal decor. It's not something we generally see in South Africa, but adding a wreath or flower arrangement, or swapping up the decor on a seasonal basis will set you home apart and let guests see your true personality.


Bring all these elements together at the entrance to your home and even you will feel welcome when you come home each day.



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