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Make Gardening Easy With 100% Portability And Power

Having to plug-in all your garden tools, or untangling extensions leads is a thing of the past with battery-operated garden tools from WORX.



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When you finally find the time to get stuck into the garden, you don't want the hassle of searching for extensions leads and plugging everything in, especially if it also happens to be drizzling and this is the only free weekend you have off!

WORX has an innovative range of cordless power tools that don't need extension leads and they don't require plugging-in since WORX garden and power tools come with a rechargeable battery system that you can use across the platform for all their garden and DIY tools. Proven reliability and durability, WORX will make your gardening easy, whether you are washing the car, hosing down an entertainment area or driveway, or tackling garden tasks.










Giving you the freedom to mow wherever you go, the WORX WRX WG927E Cordless Lawn Mower offers dual Li-ion battery technology for maximum 20V power and covers a cutting area of 280 metres on a single charge. The mower comes complete with a grass box to make clean-up easy.







Take advantage of today's special offer at Tools4Garden and get the WORX WRX WG927E Lawn Mower and Trimmer at a discounted price. Click here for details.






Light enough to use anywhere, the WORX Trimmer also gives you total mobility to reach any area in the garden without lengthy extension leads. Weighing only 3.9 KG, the Trimmer uses a dual Li-Ion battery pack. The innovative patented CommandFeed technology allows you simply press to extend the trimming line when you need it.

As with all cordless tools in the WORX garden range, the PowerShare battery system lets you use the same batteries for all your gardening and power tools.









Having a power washer that I use regularly, I can honestly state that the power cable ties me in knots when I have to move around. The WORX Hydroshot power washer uses a 20V Li-ion battery and gives you 100% portability so that you will never be tied up with power cords again. The WORX power washer provides 25 BAR of pressure with a water flow rate of 120  L/H, which means less water use but still enough pressure to get the cleaning jobs done.

The versatile 5-in-1 nozzle allows you to quickly and easily switch between water pressure intensities and gives you 5X more pressure than a conventional hosepipe.



WORX believe it their duty to continue to innovate and reimagine power tools to make them faster and more efficient. They are constantly working on improving their manufacturing processes in line with energy-efficient and eco-friendly practices. Having received numerous awards for their product range and for their green building, WORX doesn't only talk - they walk the walk!


For more information on the WORX range of cordless tools, visit Vermont Sales WORX website or get in touch with Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711.






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