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Lighting and Security for a Home

Installing a motion-sensor floodlight is an easy way to light up your outdoors and add an effective crime deterrent.


Every homeowner wants peace of mind that their home is secure. Motion-sensor lights incorporate infrared [IR] technology to detect movement in the area where they are installed. When activated, motion-sensor floodlights immediately activate and act as an effective deterrent against would-be thieves who don't want to get caught in the act.





Solar powered motion-sensor floodlights offer the advantage of being independent of a power source, providing sufficient sunlight is available to power the solar panel. You can mount solar powered motion-sensor floodlights on perimeter walls.

Another advantage of installing a solar powered motion-sensor floodlight is the ability to install this as a DIY option, since it does not require any wiring up to a power outlet.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you are installing an LED motion-sensor floodlight you may need to extend the electrical cord to reach the power outlet. Only use an exterior-graded electrical extension cord or wiring for this, and join the wires via a waterproof junction box. You will find LED and solar motion-sensor floodlights, and all fittings, at your local Builders.