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DIY Projects you can do For the Garden

With some basic power tools and a little imagination, there are plenty of DIY projects you can do for the garden.




You don't need a workshop full of expensive tools to be crafty, most often you only need basic power tools and hand tools for simple DIY projects and the projects below are some great crafty DIYs that will look great in the garden. Now is a great time to get outdoors with power tools. The weather is starting to cool down, but it isn't too cold to be outdoors creating projects.



We thought it might be nice to include a selection of crafty DIY projects that will not only make your garden look good, but will also improve your mood. We aren't talking about massive projects that will take hours or days to complete, but projects that you can quickly complete in no time. Check out some of our crafty DIY suggestions.



1. Make a Trellis for the Garden

A simple garden trellis can be used for more than just climbing plants. You can use a trellis to cover up an ugly wall, use it as a fence to hide an ugly feature, you can even use a trellis as a privacy screen if you are fed up with sharing everything with your nosey neighbours. All-in-all, a trellis is a good item to have in the garden and it is easy enough to make your own trellis.



A trellis is an ideal solution if you want to give a patio or porch more privacy. If you made a more compact design, you can also use a trellis to provide shade.









Use a simple trellis to disguise ugly walls or eyesores. Mount onto walls or fences and plant fast-growing creepers or climbers to see how quickly they will cover up any unsightly areas.



I have quite a few different sized trellises in the garden, some are used in the vegetable garden for our tomatoes, green beans, peppers, etc. Others are used to support climbers and creepers that grow up walls and I even have a couple of trellises that close off the workshop out on the deck. By making the trellises myself, I reckon I have saved a fair bit of money, especially when you look at the price of a ready-made trellis.



Click here for more information on making the trellis as shown below. You can modify the size and even add a frame around the trellis if you want to.




2. DIY Wooden Planters for the Garden

Planters and plant pots are quite expensive these days and you aren't always able to find something you like or one in the right size. This is where being able to make your own planters is a great idea and you can use reclaimed pallet wood or PAR pine that you can buy at Builders.



Being able to make your own wooden planters lets you make them to custom sizes using affordable materials. Love this tall planter, below, which has a false base that accommodates a leafy fern.



If you don't want the natural look of wood for your planters, consider using marine plywood if the planters are not undercover, or SupaWood if undercover. Make sure to paint them well with quality acrylic paint to provide them with some protection against the elements. SupaWood is not great outdoors, but if properly painted and sealed with a polyurethane topcoat it should be fine for a few years.







Make wooden planters that not only look great in the garden but would also look stunning when placed at the entrance to your home.



Making wooden planters is an easy DIY project. Decide on the shape and size of the planters that you want and then work out how to make them, making sure to include a strong support system and options for movability (castor wheels) if you want to be able to move them.



3. Hanging Planter Boxes

Not everyone has access to their own garden and, if this is the case for you, there are still plenty of other ways to add something different to your courtyard or balcony. These wooden planter boxes can be made using recycled or reclaimed wood and hung on chains to hang over a balcony or tree branches.



Don't have a garden? Wooden hanging baskets are the perfect solution. Make them any size you want and hang them on chains from a roof, railing, or from tree branches. A far better idea than window boxes and as the wood ages it takes on a beautiful patina of aged wood.



These crate-like planters, below, are probably the simplest wooden planters you can make for indoors or outdoors.









4. Trellis Planter Wall

Plastic planter boxes are readily available at Builders and can be purchased as a cheaper alternative to terracotta or cement pots. Here is a good way to use the trellis method and modifying it to hold plastic planter boxes for a wall of plants - perfect for a small balcony or courtyard.



Do an online search for 'meranti cover strips' near you. These meranti strips are only 3mm in thickness and fantastic for use to make a trellis. Meranti is also a more durable timber for use outdoors.





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